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Series Review: Alpha and Omega Series by Aline Hunter...BEST OF THE BEST Rating...

Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #1)
A bond forged in blood. Fealty given to the one he desires above all others. Graced with the ability to shift into any form, Diskant Black is the absolute authority when it comes to New York shifters, and as the Omega of the city, his word is law. Protecting the shifter races is more than a job, it's a predisposition ingrained since birth-nothing is more important. Until a chance encounter with a tiny female sets fire to his blood, brings him to his knees and turns his world upside down. Ava Brisbane is more than he bargained for in a mate-beautiful, fragile...human. If he wants to keep her by his side, he'll have to sacrifice a portion of his soul to establish a bond that can never be broken. Unfortunately, the timing couldn't be worse. Shepherds-hunters of all the shifter races-have arrived in New York. To protect the woman he can't live without, Diskant will have to stand against those who have come to start a war.
Omega Mine came highly recommended to me by several different readers/bloggers and after reading, I can definitely understand why. I have been missing out on such an AWESOME book. And if the series continues on the same way as Omega Mine, I'm going to be one happy girl!! lol :)

WOW...SO FREAKING GOOD!!! Omega Mine is a perfect example of why I read and absolutely love shifter type romances. It has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. 

The story is so well written and entertaining with strong and lovable characters. With Aline's unique story line and characters, I didn't feel like I was reading that same old~same old shifter romance. I wasn't even out of the 3rd chapter and I was already 
a goner for this book, totally invested in the characters and their HEA. 

I love the concept of the Omega~who could shift into several different species that were housed under his human skin. And certain ones were more dominant than others. I loved that when a different animal was more present, Diskant's eyes changed colors~very cool!! And I also loved that all of the animals were a tattoo on his arm!!  I was all over Diskant *sigh* so sexy, charming, possessive, arrogant, caring, loving, strong, motor-cycle riding, tattooed. lol  Loved him and Ava together and how they needed to be close to one another. She was such a great character~caring and sweet while not being a push-over. I love how they could communicate with each other later on as a result of her talents. I also liked the affect that their bond had on Ava and hope to see more of them in the series. 

Great secondary characters that I can't get enough of~Trey, Nathan, Emory, Mary, Sadie and Zach. Oh...Zach!! I know that the next book~Enemy Mine is about Emory and Mary and then it's Trey and Sadie and I am crossing my fingers for the others. If 
not their own books then at least their characters continuing on through the series.  Can't wait!! :)

Oh....Aline Hunter did not disappoint on the sex scenes. They were smoking hot and plentiful!! Diskant is a little bit of a dirty talker!! *shivers* ;) 

Such an AWESOME book that definitely has a place in my keeper pile to be reread often. I also highly recommend and I have become such a HUGE fan of Aline Hunter. 


***Copy provided by Ellora's Cave~Thank you so much!! 



Enemy Mine (Alpha and Omega Series, #2)
Emory is a shifter living on the edge. For years he's struggled with his Alpha nature, nothing has ever been simple or easy. Then he meets the one woman capable of soothing the savage beast—a female who incites a carnal hunger that leaves him eager and burning. Mary is a mate he never imagined he would have. Sweet, kind and impossibly beautiful, she is everything he and his wolven half have been craving. Unfortunately, she’s also something else, something dangerous—a Shepherd, bred of the line of hunters determined to destroy his kind.

After he finds Mary and brings her to New York, he discovers earning her trust is the least of his concerns. Her relatives have followed and they want Mary back. If Emory won’t hand her over, they’ll do everything in their power to take her from the pack. As danger closes in, the passionate connection between them flares into a lascivious bond that refuses to be broken. If Emory wants to keep his mate, he'll have to protect her—at any cost.
Wow...I didn't think that this series could get any better...I was wrong. Enemy Mine was such a great story and continued on from the ending of Omega Mine with Mary on the run from the Shepards and Emory desperately trying to find her. 

I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about Emory in Omega Mine but I quickly grew to love him in this book. He was definitely swoon~worthy!! He was so sweet, caring, loving, protective, patient, understanding, and vulnerable when it came to Mary. He was also a bit of a dirty talker and definitely sexy. Oh...and the sex scenes...HOT....especially the one where he holds onto the headboard with one hand while holding onto her with his other hand!! *shivers* I just couldn't help but love his character. Mary was a great character also. She was so shy and sweet and had suffered so much. I loved her and Emory together. 

I was so happy to read more about Diskant, Ava, Trey, Sadie, Nathan, Caden, and Kinsley. I am looking forward to their stories continuing through out the series. I cannot wait to read what happens next. There where a lot of changes and loose ends not exactly tied up by the end. I am anxiously waiting for Trey and Sadie's book next. Aline is definitely making Trey and Sadie work for their HEA!! lol  I am hoping that Nathan and Leigh are focused on in Trey's book or get a book of their own. As well as Kinsley. Oh...and Zach...he needs a HEA. I also can't wait to see what happens with Caden. So good!! 

Another AWESOME addition to and AWESOME series that has me totally hooked and wanting more. Definitely going into my keeper pile to be reread.


***Copy provided by Ellora's Cave~Thank you so much!!




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