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Reviewed: Pure Pleasure and Wanted Distraction by Ava McKnight...5 out of 5 rating...

Playing With The Boys Series Book #2
Pure Pleasure (Playing With the Boys, #2)
Part of the Playing With the Boys series. Writer Giselle is on assignment to cover an off-road race, a trendy sport she knows absolutely nothing about. Then she meets hunky mechanic Ky. The chemistry between them sizzles from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Their lust is off the charts, but there's also an innate emotional connection between them that stems from having lost a parent. As Giselle is drowning in sexual bliss, she discovers Ky isn't just a mechanic for the race team-he owns the team. Plus, he's a championship driver, carrying on his father's legacy. Suddenly, Giselle's ashamed of having shared the story of her financial struggles with Ky. But he's not about to let her forget how hot they are for each other. And maybe he'll convince her there's more between them than pure pleasure.
Ky *sigh* 
Pure Pleasure definitely lived up to its name!! It was short, sweet and spicy hot!! I immediately LOVED not only Ky but Giselle also. She was so sweet and funny and I just loved her and Ky together. They had me rooting for their HEA together before they even got together!! lol  

I just really loved everything about this story~ I loved Ky and Giselle's instant physical attraction to each other that turned into something so much more after their night together. I also loved how the conversation flowed so easily between them. They were both so sweet and caring and it showed in the way they treated one another. Ky truly cared for Giselle and she him. Ky made Giselle realize that she had accomplished so much that she should be proud of and that they weren't that different. Oh...and he took her and her mom to the Four Seasons!! Loved that!! Ky was so sexy and charming with just the right amount of arrogance. He was perfect hero material. Plus...the sex scenes were over the top HOT!! ;p They both did their share of dirty talking!! lol 

Great ending!! LOVED LOVED LOVED that Ky had the ring specially designed for her and told her: "I had it designed for you. It's one of a kind. Never owned or worn by anyone else." *sigh* Oh...and I loved that Giselle stated that she was still going to shop on eBay for her clothes. lol  She was so cute. 

Pure Pleasure was such an entertaining read that left out all of the unnecessary angst and drama. Ava McKnight definitely has a gift in making her characters and stories come to life. I will definitely be looking for more from Ava and I consider myself to be a HUGE fan. 
Pure Pleasure is going into the keeper pile to be reread. Another book that is great for when I need a quick fix. 

5 out of 5 rating!

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Playing With The Boys Series Book #3
Wanted Distraction (Playing With the Boys, #3)
Cherish switches work assignments so she can interview hunky Carter, the hometown hero who’s returned to lead his new football team to victory. They’d shared the last dance at prom ten years ago, and she’s fantasized about him ever since. But he’s always been out of reach. Until now…
Carter is solely focused on his career, and isn’t looking for any distractions. When Cherish hijacks the interview, he’s blown away by how sensational the object of his secret desire looks—and by her risqué proposition for a no-strings-attached, one-night stand. It’s just about sating lust, right?
Passion easily sparks between them, but there are many hurdles to jump before their needs becoming Wanted Distractions.
Wanted Distraction was a great short story filled with spicy hot sex with a heroine trying to knock-the-socks-off of her former high school crush, who is now a famous football player, finally returning back home. A Great addition to the series and if I wasn't a fan of Ava McKnight after reading Pure Pleasure, I would be now. Not only did Wanted Distraction leave a smile on my face at the end, but the story and characters had me smiling from the beginning. I am so loving this series. 

Cherish was so cute as was Carter. I could have just eaten these two up!! lol  The letter he wrote her was so sweet. He was definitely swoon~worthy!! I loved how Cherish surprised him and even though she looked hotter than in high school, Carter still remembered her after all that time. I loved that he had a crush on her also and had thought about her over the years. Oh...the good but wish it was just a little further into the future. I was just a little disappointed that I didn't get to see more of Ky and Giselle. 

This series was so entertaining and I am so involved in the HEA of these lovable characters that I never wanted the stories to end. This is also finding its way into my keeper pile to be reread. And Wanted Distraction was another story that wasn't filled with all of the angst and drama and I loved every bit of it. This story was a little longer than Pure Pleasure. I will continue to look for more from Ava McKnight and hopefully there will be more to this series. 

5 out of 5 rating!!

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Playing With The Boys Series Book #1 / AMAZON / Ellora's Cave

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