Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 19: 25 Days Of Holiday Romances: Nice & naughty by Cat Johnson...

Nice & Naughty
The hot firemen you loved in Opposites Attract are back with their friends, but now they're wearing a lot less clothing! 
Secret Recipe: A famous lifestyle maven who secretly can't cook? Good thing a sizzling fireman who knows his way around the kitchen is there to rescue her and her charity event from certain disaster. And if they detour to the bedroom on the way to the kitchen, even better!
Mr. December: What's hotter than a fireman? Twelve of them, nearly naked on the pages of your calendar! But when a rich department store owner steps in for Mr. December and meets the pretty lady photographer, things really start to heat up. He's no fireman, but that's all right. He doesn't want to put out the flames between them anyway.
Can't Buy Me Love: What do you get when you take one over-worked caterer on the brink of a nervous breakdown and add a hunky fireman for sale at the charity bachelor auction she's catering? You get a woman who finally finds the one gift to buy herself that she's never going to want to return!



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