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Reviewed: Wyoming Bride by Joan Johnston...5 out of 5 rating...

January 1, 2013
Wyoming Bride: A Bitter Creek Novel
After three months in a mail-order marriage, Hannah Wentworth McMurtry is a widow—pregnant, alone, and near death in the Wyoming wilderness. Though she is saved by a man with a face cut from stone, she still grieves the husband who died on their journey west. Hannah needs a husband, but does she dare marry another stranger?
 Flint Creed has also lost someone he loved—when the woman he hoped to marry chose his younger brother instead. Now he must find a ranch wife of his own. But every female in the remote Wyoming Territory is too old, too young, or already married . . . until he discovers Hannah on the prairie. Flint doesn’t pretend to love her, but he doesn’t tell her he loves another woman, either. Hannah doesn’t pretend to love him, but she doesn’t tell him about the child she carries. Though danger surrounds them on the Wyoming frontier, the greatest threats of all are the secrets within—revelations that could destroy the new life Hannah and Flint have begun to cherish.
This is the second book by Joan Johnston that I have read and I continue to be a HUGE fan. The mail-order bride theme is one of my favorite reads. I have been not-so-patiently waiting to read Wyoming Bride after finishing Texas Bride (My Review). Joan is a little bit evil with this series in the fact that she teases you by giving you glimpses of the sisters, but makes you wait to find out what happens to them in their own books. lol  I couldn't wait to read Hannah's book and find out more about Hettie and Josie.  While Hettie's and Josie's stories have yet to be told through their own books, I couldn't have dreamed of a better story for Hannah. So good!! 

This series is about the six Wentworth children who lost their parents in the Great Chicago Fire and have been living in an orphanage where they have not been treated well. The first book, Texas Bride, is about the oldest sister Miranda~she becomes a mail-order bride, traveling to Texas with her two younger brothers~hoping that once they are settled, she will be able to send for her remaining 3 sisters. Hannah, Hettie, and Josie get desperate when they don't hear from Miranda, forcing Hannah to also become a mail-order bride. Hannah, along with Hettie and Josie, travel on the wagon train to Wyoming with her new husband.  

Joan definitely has a gift for making a story come to life. Wyoming Bride was another well written story that grabbed my attention from the start and entertained me till the end. The epilogue was so good and definitely left me wanting more. 

Wyoming Bride was filled with love, laughter, tears, hardship and some pretty hot sex scenes. I enjoyed reading about Hannah and Flint and their journey towards their HEA along with Emaline and Ransom.  I loved being able to read the story from their different POVs.  Each couple had to struggle and fight for their HEA. I felt so badly for Mr. McMurtry. 

Just and AWESOME story that I didn't want to end.  I am so looking forward to Hattie's book, Montana Bride. Wyoming Bride is definitely going into my keeper pile next to Texas Bride to be reread. 

5 out of 5 rating!!

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Texas Bride: A Bitter Creek Novel

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