Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reviewed: Angel Redeemed by Andris Bear...BEST OF THE BEST Rating!!...

***This Review May Contain Spoilers If Angel Unborn Not Read***

Angel Redeemed (Deadly Sins #2)
This is a bonus SHORT story (less than 10,000 words) coinciding with Angel Unborn (book 1 in the Deadly Sins series) and told from the hero's point of view. Ripped from the afterlife, Ursus, a defiant archangel, faces an ancient prophecy regarding the woman he loves. Will he bend to Heaven's will or claim her as his own?
WOW!!  Angel Redeemed definitely packs a punch right from the start!! It's a story that is only short in length not depth or emotion!! It lacks absolutely nothing and I LOVED everything about it except that I wished it was longer!! :)

Angel Redeemed focuses on a short period of time towards the end of Angel Unborn that is totally in Ursus's POV.  Ursus *sigh* are going to LOVE him!! ;) The sex scene at the end was so SMOKING HOT and I LOVED reading it from his POV. 

If I wasn't already hooked, this short glimpse from his POV would definitely have done the trick! SO FREAKING GOOD!! That being said, this is NOT a stand alone book and I wouldn't recommend reading Angel Redeemed without having read Angel Unborn first.  

I have quickly become a HUGE fan of Andris Bear. The way she is able to tell a story and draw the reader in through her snarky and lovable characters is like no other. She is truly a talent and I look forward to reading more from her. Plus, she is absolutely adorable and just the funniest and sweetest person I have had the pleasure to interact with. She just cracks me up and her personality totally comes through in her writing.  Oh...and the dedication to her husband at the end of Angel Redeemed *sigh*.  

Definitely a keeper to be reread. Reading Angel Redeemed made me want to go back and reread Angel Unborn!!  LOVE this cover!! ;)


Some Favorite Quotes:
"That is how you bring the thunder. Take notes for future reference. No need to thank me. I know I'm awesome sauce."  (Devi to Michael)

"Run if you must. hide if you can. But you are mine, and I will always find you." (Ursus to Joey)

"Don't cry, pretiosa."  " I don't even know what that means." She sniffled and buried her face in her hands. "It means cherished. My most precious, most loved." (Ursus to Joey *sigh*~Love when he call her that!!)

"Oh, I'm going to take you. Fast and hard. Soft and slow. And every way in between. And you'll come screaming my name." (Ursus to Joey *shivers*)

He was a breathing corpse without purpose, until she bulldozed the life back into him. (Ursus about Joey~Love this!)

***ARC provided by Andris Bear~Thanks so much!! :)



Angel Unborn Book #1      
Angel Unborn (Deadly Sins, #1)


  1. Oh my goodness, Mariann! What a wonderful review! Thank you so much!

    1. Sure...Thank you!! Can't wait for the next book!! :)