Monday, September 24, 2012

Subscribe To Belle's Book Bag Through Feedcat Instead Of Feedburner...

This post is just to notify that since Feedburner is to be discontinued, I will be using Feedcat. There is a new button located on the left had side of my blog under Follow Me to resubscribe. If you want to get posts from Belle's Book Bag, which I hope that you do, please use that for the RSS feed. It is a little different but just as easy to sign up. Just hover over or click on the button
that looks like this       and the box below pops up ( pops up a lot smaller on the site). Just click in the box next to the envelope with the pencil under Subscription Service and enter your email address. Then hit subscribe and when the next box pops up saying that a confirmation has been sent to your email, hit the Go Back button and then close out original box buy hitting the X in the upper right hand corner. See simple!!! 

Belle's Book Bag
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Once you sign up you will then get a confirmation email and all you do is click the highlighted link to activate the subscription.Thank you so much for taking the time to resubscribe. I really appreciate you going to the effort!! Thanks again and have a great day!!! Any problems just leave a comment. :)
P.S.  Clicking on this button   does the same thing. It just takes you to the site to resubscribe instead of the box popping up right on the blog.

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