Friday, September 7, 2012

Reviewed: Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson...

Blue Moon House
Julia has the chance to become one of the vampires of the Blue Moon House. Before being accepted, however, she must prove herself to each of the vampires, and each has their own exacting cost. Ranging from lesbian, to being forced, to physical torture, she is pushed to her breaking point time and again. Eventually her perseverance pays off and she crosses from submissive to dominant and vampire.
Angelica Dawson is a new author to me and Blue Moon House is the first book that I have read from her. Even though I had read the blurb, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Blue Moon House was a short, dark, kinky, packed full of sex(hehe!!)read!! It was about 45 pages on my 
The story is basically about Julia, a human submissive, having to prove herself worthy of belonging to Blue Moon House, a vampire house, with the end goal of becoming a vampire dominant. To achieve this, she has to prove herself to the vampires living there by having sex with each of them in whatever manner they choose. Some scenes were harder (hehe!!)to take then others. 
The book immediately opened with Harry preparing Julia for the first of MANY sex scenes and then the book progressed from there with Julia in a sex scene that involved each of the 7 vampires, both male and female, and 2 humans from the Blue Moon House. Nicholas and Harry were definitely my favorite vampires.
This book is definitely not a warm and fuzzy read and it ended abruptly right in the middle of a sex scene between Julia and her human~so I'm not sure if this story is going to be a part of a series. 
Blue Moon House was a good little read with the sex making up the story. It is definitely not a book for everyone.  
I will continue to look for more from this author. 3 out of 5 rating. 

***ARC provided by Angelica Dawson and Naughty Nights Press~Thank you!!


  1. Thank you so much for the review. I do intend on writing a series, but rather than going forward, I'm going backward and introducing us to each of the vampires in more depth. :)

    1. Hey Angelica,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know!!! I will definitely be looking for more!! Thanks again for the opportunity to read and review your book on my blog!! Have a great weekend!! :)