Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reviewed: Westmore: Broken Ties by Carol Cassada...

Some bonds are unbreakable. While others crumble under pressure.
In Westmore: Broken Ties, relationships and family bonds are tested. Plus, a deep dark secret threatens to destroy one family.
Whose relationship will survive? And whose will come to an end?

Westmore: Broken Ties picked up exactly where Westmore: The Aftermath(Book#2)left off with Jacob and Alicia. The stories of all of the other characters continued on where each left off also. 

I didn't like this one as much as the previous two books. I think it was because my favorite couple, Scott and Melissa, where hardly in it and when they did have their scenes, they were starting to struggle with their relationship because of Scott's career. In addition to this, the last half of the book was filled with Andrew, Elizabeth, Jeff, Marie, and Caroline. Although, I did like the adoption scenes with Jeff and Marie, I wanted more of the other characters. I also liked Charlotte and James scenes, especially the one that involved Jack. I liked the outcome of Peter, Jack, and Zoe and was happy to read about Jacob and Alicia. I also liked the addition of Leslie, but felt that her story line was similar to the one already involving Jacob and Alicia. The direction that Carol seems to be taking Scott and Melissa's relationship worries me, especially if Wayne is involved. 

Broken Ties got me to thinking on why I don't really watch soap operas anymore. I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of the HEA and soap operas rarely allow their characters to have them. Oh, yeah, they give the illusion of the HEA but there is always someone trying to trip the happy couple up on their way. No one is allowed to stay happy for long and couples are always changing partners. 

Broken Ties ends with a another good~cliffhanger and has me both looking forward to and, at the same time, dreading book #4. 3 out of 5 rating.

***Copy provided by Carol Cassada~Thanks!! :)

****Here is the thing about the Westmore series~is it the best series that I have read?? No, but it had enough interesting moments to not only keep me reading, but also have me looking forward to the next book. Westmore differs from my usual reading as there continues to be no sexing, no ALPHA males or KICK~ASS females, and of course the soap opera style. I think Carol did a great job continuing the story line with each of the characters through out the series. I wouldn't recommend reading the series out of order as I think too much would be missed.*****

****I wanted to Thank Carol for sending me the Westmore series to read. She will be Guest Posting here on Tuesday, September 18th, to talk about Broken Ties and the rest of the series. Please stop back and say Hi!!! :)

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