Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reviewed: Close Enough To Touch by Victoria Dahl...

Close Enough to Touch
For makeup artist Grace Barrett, Hollywood isn't the land of golden opportunity. It's the land of difficult divas, cheating boyfriends and unemployment. So when her great-aunt offers her a free place to stay in Jackson Hole, Grace thinks she'll spend a little time in the sticks to figure out her life, and then move somewhere exciting to live out her dreams. But it turns out that there are a few more thrills in this small town than Grace was expecting….Cole Rawlins is a rugged Wyoming cowboy born and bred. Yet he can't help but be drawn to the fascinating big-city girl who moves in across from him. He wants to get close enough to Grace to see past her tough facade, but if he does, she might see the real Cole. The one with a Hollywood history gone bad. As they discover a sizzling attraction, it becomes harder for him to keep his demons at bay—and those fires from long ago may burn them both.
They'll need more than scorching-hot passion to make this opposites-attract affair work. But if they can learn to trust one another enough to reveal their secrets, they just might have a chance at forever.

I am always entertained by Victoria Dahl's books and Close Enough To Touch was definitely another winner. What a great way to start off a series and I cannot wait for the next book~which will feature Merry and Shane~Woo-Hoo!!! So excited!!
I absolutely loved Cole. Nothing better than a cowboy who says darlin'!!! ;) He was so sweet and charming and funny~I loved him and Shane!!  Cole and Grace were both a little broken and I so wanted them to get the HEA that they deserved.  With Cole and especially Grace's pasts, I thought this book was a little sadder than other books from Victoria that I have read. But that just made me feel stronger about their characters. The ending was so good but I was hoping for an epilogue. Hopefully Cole and Grace will be in the rest of the Jackson series. 
Just a great story with great characters that pulled me in from the start.  I really enjoyed Close Enough To Touch and definitely recommend reading. 4 out of 5 rating.

Shane and Cole:  Love this scene ~ so funny!!! :)
"You were looking better last week. Now you look tired."
"Just getting back in the swing of things," Cole said. "And maybe all that snoring from your place upstairs is keeping me awake." 
"I don't snore. At least, your mama never said anything about it." 
"Really?" Cole asked, forcing his shoulders to relax as he leaned against the bar. "A your-mama joke, huh?" Shane tipped his beer. "I know how to bring it."
"That's not what my mama said."
" Touché."  

***ARC provided by NetGalley and Harlequin~Thank you so much!!!

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