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Reviewed: Wildly Inappropriate by Eden Connor...

Wildly Inappropriate
Book Title: Wildly Inappropriate
Series: Those Devilish De Marco Men #2
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Publication Date: 09/08/2012
Page Count: 389
Genre: Erotic Romance>Interracial

Desperate to save her grandmother from an unscrupulous loan shark, Cynda Avery agrees to Daniel De Marco's wildly inappropriate offer--control of her body for two weeks in exchange for time to talk him into selling his untended peach orchards.
Handsome Daniel isn't the redneck farmer Cynda expected. From the feminine clothes he wants her to wear to the confident way he handles every problem to the kinky way he likes to tie her up to have sex, he makes her want to please him.
When she finds the key to his mother's disappearance and spends a weekend in jail, will Daniel decide Cynda's an itch he's already scratched or could he cling to dark flesh like hers?
I just love when a book that I didn't really expect anything from grabs me and doesn't let go!! WOW...Wildly Inappropriate was so much more than I expected and I loved every second of it!!
I am definitely a HUGE fan of Eden Connor after reading this. I loved how she made this story come alive through her fantastic writing. Just so damn good!! Once I started reading, I was so involved in the story that I didn't put it down until I was finished. Can't wait to return to these characters in the next book!! 
I was immediately drawn to Dan's character. I loved when he acted like such caveman and was all bossy and arrogant but then was really sweet, funny, and caring. Totally an ALPHA/DOM male and I fell for him right away!! "Cynda, take off the dress." *shivers*~Loved when he would say this to her and he said it to her a lot!! ;) LOL I was surprised how much I loved Cynda because I didn't expect to like her character. I loved the way she was with Dan and I was routing for their HEA. I also loved that there wasn't any fighting between them, he told her what he wanted and she did it, willingly, and he never took advantage of that. I loved this because in a lot of books with BDSM aspects the sub usually fights and argues with her Dom about everything and it gets to the point where it gets annoying to read. I am not sure about the scene with the forks though!! *ouch* LOL 
I also loved Colton, Lila, Eric, and Jonah!! Eden pulled me into the story with these great lovable characters and immediately made me care about them. The way they interacted together made for some sweet and funny scenes. I can't wait to read Soft Sounds Of Pleasure (Colton & Lila's book~#1 in the series)and I can't wait for Eric's book!! 
Wildly Inappropriate was filled with everything I love about reading. Eden definitely knows how to write some very CREATIVE HOT KINKY sex scenes!! I will never be able to look at peaches or silverware the same way again!! ;) LOL  Just an AWESOME read that I highly recommend. Wildly Inappropriate has quickly become one of my favorite reads and definitely has a place in my keeper pile to be reread. 5 out of 5 rating. 

***Copy provided by Eden Connor and Silver Publishing~Thank you so much!! It was truly my pleasure to read!!

Author Name: Eden Connor

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