Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reviewed Law Man by Kristen Ashley...

Four years ago, Mitch Lawson moved across the breezeway from Mara Hanover and she fell in love with the tall, good-looking police detective who had an uncanny ability to dress well even though he’s single. It was not a stalker kind of love; she knows she has no hope since Mitch is way out of her league. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s her dream man.

Then one day Mara’s faucet won’t turn off and she knows nothing about plumbing. Being a good guy, Mitch offers to help then he invites himself over for pizza. Mara gives it a go but finds herself running away from him (literally) on their first date, standing him up their second and then she runs into him (again literally) on her way to save her ne’er do well, criminal cousin’s kids who’d just run away from their ne’er do well, criminal Dad.

Suddenly, Mara finds she has on her hands the guardianship of two kids and a gorgeous police detective who’s willing to do anything to help out… including giving fabulous foot rubs.

But Mara knows who she is and where she came from and she knows Detective Mitch Lawson is better than her. Hot law man Mitch disagrees and his challenge is to convince Mara to let go of her past and he sets about building a family at the same time he finds he also needs to protect them all against known and unknown adversaries that would tear them apart.

OMG...OMG...OMG...I will try my best but truly I do not have the words for how totally freaking awesome Law Man is!!!  I know without a doubt that this is not only the BEST book I have ever read (seriously!!) but it also has the best hero that I have ever read!!!

My favorite book from Kristen Ashley has been Sweet Dreams featuring my favorite hero Tate.  Sweet Dreams was the first book I read from Kristen Ashley and although the books of hers I read after were GREAT not one has surpassed Sweet Dreams and Tate for me, until now.  I was blown away with Law Man and Mitch--after reading I was left asking Tate who?? LOL   This book also made me fall more in LOVE with Hawke, especially after that scene in the bar for girls night out!! LOL  Tack is also in this book and I am dying to read his story--LOVE LOVE LOVE him--he is one of my favorite characters and I am so glad she gave him his own book!!

I said before that I didn't know what to expect from Kristen Ashley when she was recommended to me, but each book that I read from her has just kept me coming back for more.  This is another of her books that captured me from the beginning and has yet to let go. I just love this book so much and I want my own Detective Mitch Lawson.   
As I have come to expect, the epilogue was freaking AWESOME--Kristen Ashley is truly a master of the epilogue. I have never read better epilogues then those she writes!! I actually look forward to them.  

I absolutely adored Mitch and Mara together!!  I loved how Mara's character grew through the strength and encouragement of Mitch. I love that she was shy and unsure of her self in the beginning. I love how Mitch was with not only Mara but with Billy and Billie-some of the best scenes with him and the kids!! 

There isn't a rating high enough to give this book--it is just a fantastic read!!



  1. Great review Mariann. I will awlways have a spot in my heart for Brock, but omg I am still thinking about Hawke lately. I loved Mitch for how he helped with the kids. He is so sweet. This one is a little different then the other in the dream series. Did you see our bad boy Tate is next. Suppose to be out later this month hopefylly. No cover yet just a sypnosis at goodreads it is Call Motorcycle Man


    You can also read her working chapters (5) on her website. I have not read them yet, trying to be good do not want to tease myself.

    Have a nice weekend

    1. Hey you,
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tack and I read those chapters and now it is killing me because I want to read his book soooo bad!!! He is nasty hot on the outside and gooey on the inside--just like I like them!! LOL I am reading Wild Man right now and so far I really like it--Brock was an ass and now he is starting to be sweet!! <3 <3 I wasn't sure about Hawke until the last part and the epilogue of his book but I love him in this book!! I think I might have to read his book over again. This book reminded me more of the flow of Tate's book then the others. Love Mitch and Mara!! After this I 'm going to start on Rock Chick series--have you read those??? Talk to you later!! :)

    2. I read one of the books. I like it but was different compare to the ones we are reading. The I read had a good plot but at times she spends way too much time with the friends than she does with her man. I read some where to start at the first book. Because they characters have good rolls in all the books. I will start the first in the series when I am done with Dream man, Burgs and Colorado series and need my kristen ashley fix in between her other books. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  2. Defintely adding this up my list. I have read the first two and then went on a Rock Chick kick, your review is terrific.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love this book and can't wait for Tack's book!! I am reading Wild Man right now and wasn't sure if I was going to like it since only caught a glimpse of him in Mystery Man, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so far!! I should have known Kristen Ashley wouldn't disappoint in her books!! :) Rock Chick series is next for me. Have a great week!!