Friday, January 4, 2013

Reviewed: Worth The Wait by Ava McKnight...Best of the Best rating...

Worth the Wait
Jade’s law-enforcing, gun-toting relatives scare off every potential love interest she has in the small town of Moon River, Montana, leaving her frustrated and sexually deprived. Until bad boy Vin D’Angelo roars into town on a bad-ass motorcycle…along with his devilishly handsome friend and business partner, Noah Riley. 

For one night of her very sheltered life, Jade gets everything she wants, needs and desires during an intense ménage with the two men. Come morning, though, it’s Vin’s sinfully delicious body she still craves—making him more than worth the wait. 

Unfortunately, Vin has come to Moon River to reveal secrets he’s kept for eight years. Shocking revelations that threaten his new bond with Jade when she discovers who he really is…and how intricately he’s entwined with her painful past.
"I wanted something you didn't but you gave it to me anyway. Then when I realized what it was I truly needed, you gave that to me too." *sigh* (Jade to Vin)

Wow...I continue to be blown away by each new book that I read by Ava McKnight. She writes the best spicy~hot short reads that I wish were so much longer because I never want to leave the wonderful world she creates through these stories and characters. 

I loved the concept of this story in that Jade was surrounded by the fiercely overprotective males in her family. Her dad was the Mayor, her uncle was the Sheriff and her cousin was the deputy. I was immediately drawn to Jade~just loved her character. She was sweet, feisty and funny. And Vin was exactly what she so desperately needed! Vin *sigh* I just wanted to climb up on him!! lol ;p Ava certainly knows how to write her heroes! And Vin was definitely no exception~sexy, hot, charming, a bit cocky, leather wearing, motorcycle riding, bad-ass~loved him from the start! I absolutely loved the scene where Jade and Vin met. 

Another thing that I love about Ava is that her sex scenes are off the charts HOT!! Whew...the bathroom scene between Vin and Jade almost overheated not only my laptop but me also!! lol :) And then the scene with Jade, Noah and Vin *shivers* Vin was so growly and protective of Jade in that scene that I just fell more in love with his character!! Oh...I LOVED how that scene with the three of them ended~SO FREAKING GOOD!! 

Ava McKnight's books are not only filled with romance and SMOKING HOT sex but with well written easy flowing stories that capture you from the start and leave you breathless and wanting more!! I LOVED Worth The Wait so much and I'm hoping that this is not a stand alone book because I would LOVE to read more of Jade and Vin and I definitely want to read more of Cami and Noah!! Worth The Wait has quickly become one of my favorite books and is definitely a keeper to be reread!! 

Best of the Best rating!!

***Copy provided by Ellora's Cave~Thank you so much!! :)



  1. Just added it to my must buy TBR List. Youn had at a bit cocky, leather wearing, motorcycle riding, bad-ass and then Grouly and over protective. Great review!

    1. P.S. That Under Your Command cover is Hot!. I am sure you are drooling over his lightly dust of hairs on his chest.

    2. Love this book!! I really think that you will like it!! :)

      LOL...I have seen so many pics of guys with the hairiest chests that I have wanted to share with you and I can't!!! All this good man candy going to waste!! lol ;p Of course you know that for everyone with hair I would have also shared the smooth ones!!! I just used to love sharing the hairiest ones with you because you love that so much!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    3. I know I miss our little special many candy poste for each other. I have a suprise for you next Sunday L4C. I totally thought of you when I seen it.

    4. Oh...can't wait!! You have me so curious now!! lol :)