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Reviewed: Their Mating Illusion by Honor James...4 out of 5 rating...

Their Mating Illusion (Paranormal Protections Unit #2)
As a part of the royal line of magic, Maya Griffon knows just what evil is brewing in her own home. But to break free will take everything she has and everything she can give. Prophecy spoke of a way free, a way to find love and to have what she's always wanted, a man who can understand her like no other ever has. All she has to do now is convince him she is right.
Growing up poor, Quincy Wallace learned that everything has a price. Nothing is unconditional, and nothing is ever free. Love? Love is for those that can afford to be made the fool, something he will never be again. Maya, though, might just be the one person who can change all that if he dares to let her in.
With a crown on the line and danger pressing ever closer, love is truly the most powerful and pure magic there is. But will it be enough?
I have been waiting for Skittles/Quincy's book since reading about him in Their Unexpected Mate. He was such a great character in that book and I definitely wanted to learn more about him. Their Mating Illusion started out so funny! The back and forth between Quincy and the dragon twins (Allister and Aiden) had me laughing so much and then the nicknames that he had for them~cracked me up! I couldn't wait to see how he was going to work out having to share his mate with one of them. This humor just pulled me right into the story. It was a great way to start the book and I totally enjoyed it. I love a book that can make me feel good by laughing at the antics and comments of the characters. 

Their Mating Illusion had me from the start with such a well written, easy flowing, funny, interesting story. And of course the return of some of my favorite characters. I am so looking forward to Talon's book~just love him! I loved Maya from the start. The fact that she ate gummy worms amused me so much~so cute and funny! She was perfect for Quincy! And Quincy...I just couldn't help but fall more in love with his character. As I said, I was so looking forward to reading how Quincy was going to share a mate with one of the dragon twins and I was little bit disappointed that it didn't turn out that way in the beginning. But Quincy broke my heart when he said that he would never share a mate because for his entire life he never had anything that was just his alone. And in the end, I was so happy with the way their relationship turned out with just the two of them. Plus the fact that Allister's book sounds so good and I cannot wait to read it!! lol

So up until about the 60-65 page mark, this book was getting a Best of the Best rating from me. It was going into my keeper pile to surely be reread. But then something changed when Quincy accepted being mated to Maya. From that point on it was like the story was written by another person or that these were totally different characters. Quincy and Maya weren't written the same as in the first 60 pages or so. They acted totally different~saying and doing things that they didn't do before~I don't now what happened and it totally threw me off. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the story and I can't wait for the next book and I loved the ending, but the story just lost its spark for me that it had prior to that point and I couldn't get it totally back. I did get glimpses of Quincy and Maya as they were in the beginning of the book but just not enough. of my favorite scenes is towards the end when they are all at the Council meeting and another favorite is when Talon forces Quincy to come into his power by putting Maya in danger. Still the first part of the book was so incredibly good that it made up for any changes in the characters. This is definitely my favorite of the 2 books in the series so far. And is a keeper that I will reread. 

I am definitely a fan of Honor James and although I might struggle with a few things with this series I still very much enjoy it and I look forward to reading more. I am also interested in another series that Honor has coming out entitled Royal Wolf's.  

Love this cover!!

4 out of 5 rating!!

***ARC provided by Honor James~Thank you so much!! :) 


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  1. Thank you Mariann for taking time to review my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Skittles was a favorite of mine, but my favorite book is yet to come. Talon's. :)