Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reviewed: Mating Call by B.A. Tortuga...3 out of 5 rating...

Mating Call
Stephanie has three rules when it comes to her relationship with werewolves Shaw and Jordan—keep their lusty encounters casual, never invade each other’s space and no biting. The boys have always seemed perfectly fine with all that, leaving her plenty of time to do her magick and keep her shop going. 

Her rules come back to haunt her when the local pack leader gives Jordan and Shaw an ultimatum—find a mate or find another city to live in. Jordan and Shaw hate having to ask Stephanie to help them find a mate. She’s not just their best friend, she’s the hottest lover they’ve ever had. The boys will have their hands full convincing Steph that rules are made to be broken, before it is too late.
This is my first read from B.A. Tortuga and I enjoyed it so much. I will definitely be looking for more from her. Mating Call was sexy, short and entertaining~about 92 pages. I was immediately pulled in by such a well written story with such sweet and funny characters. The story was unique and interesting and I just loved it. I was left wanting so much more of Stephanie, Jordan and Shaw. I wasn't ready to leave them when the story ended. 

Mating Call was filled with laughter, romance, a little heartache, some tears, one sexy ~ more serious ~ lovable ~ wolf shifter and another more playful ~ sweet ~ just as lovable wolf shifter and a kick ass ~ sweet ~ funny ~ magical heroine. It was so adorable and funny reading about how Jordan and Shaw tried to make up to Stephanie for hurting her. I loved that she didn't give into them so easily but made them work a little to win her back. She was such a great heroine and I loved how she handled Jordan and Shaw.

The sex scenes were definitely hot but there was also a real intimacy shared between them not only as a trio but also as couples that added so much to the story. I especially loved the sex scene towards the end of the book. *sigh* 

I wanted Jordan, Shaw and Stephanie to get their HEA together so bad. And although the ending was happy, it felt like more of a happily-for-now. The ending confused me a little because it felt like the story wasn't finished. There were still a few things left open at the end. So, I'm hoping that this turns out to be a series, but I can't find any information that this is the case. *crossesfingers*  I definitely want to read more about Brett and Wendy. 

Just a great story that was a quick read but lacked nothing. 3 out of 5 rating!! 

***Copy provided by Ellora's Cave~Thank you so much!! :) 



  1. I love wolves...and, these two are absolutely beautiful! Good luck with your book!!

    1. I do too!! Love this cover. I really enjoyed this book. Thanks for stopping by. :)