Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reviewed: Fight For Me by Hayden Braeburn...4 out of 5 rating...

Fight For Me (The Everetts of Tyler, #2)Cassidy Everett planned on nursing her brother’s protector back to health and moving on, but when an old foe resurfaces, her plans change. Quickly.
Dylan Black may have been shot saving Mason Everett’s life, but that doesn’t mean he can’t protect his own–-and Cassidy is his whether or not she wants to admit it. His injuries don’t matter; all that matters is keeping his Cassie safe.
When the threats towards Cassidy turn lethal, will the fight to survive bring Cassidy and Dylan together or tear them apart?

Hayden has definitely hooked me with this series. I cannot wait for Caleb's book and I am especially looking forward to Neighborhood Watch~love the excerpt and cannot wait for Chris!! 

I liked Cassidy but she got on my nerves with her attitude and the constant back and forth between wanting and not wanting Dylan. She could have been such a great character for me but she just mostly annoyed me. And the way that she wouldn't admit that she was the one who was being threatened and not Dylan. Ugh!! Oh....Dylan....LOVED him. Loved the scene between him and Cassidy when they had sex for the first time after he was injured and he passed out from the pain. Also loved the scene were Cassidy thinks she might be pregnant because she missed her birth control pills and Dylan tells her that they had unprotected sex more times than she had thought. So funny and sweet. I was definitely hoping that she was pregnant. 

The character that surprised me the most because I just absolutely loved him was Brandon. He was such a pompous ass that he made me laugh. He was so sarcastic and the things that he said and did were just so wrong but I couldn't help but love him. lol I would love for Tiffany to get her own book or at least more of a story~liked her character so much. I loved reading more about Caleb and Camryn and of course I loved reading a little bit about Mason and Katerina's wedding again. 

I had fun reading this story even though I had a hard time connecting with Cassidy. Dylan and the other characters definitely made up for it and Cassidy eventually redeemed herself towards the end and then in the epilogue~which I LOVED. Such a great epilogue!!

I was shocked at who the killer turned out to be and the reason behind it all~I never would have thought of this person.

Loved this cover.

4 out of 5 rating!!

***ARC provided by Hayden Braeburn~Thanks so much!! :)



  1. Hmm, I think I might like this book. Is it part of a series? I hate getting a book only to find out it's part of a series but not the first book.

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    1. It is part of a series. This is the second book. Dance With Me is the first in the series.

  2. Great revview! I really need to bump this series up on my TBR list fromm your amazing review.

    1. Thanks but there isn't any really ALPHA males in this series and I know how much you love your ALPHAs. I just wanted you to know so you weren't disappointed. :) Dylan is the most ALPHA but he isn't to the extreme.