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Waiting For This New Release: Star Crossed by Kele Moon...

Star Crossed (Battered Hearts, #2)
Star Crossed by Kele Moon, A Battered Hearts series Book 2 comes out July 3rd 2012

Meet the Characters:

Romeo Wellings—A successful MMA fighter with a dark past. Despite the difficult hand life dealt him Romeo still likes to hope for something better. He is a natural caretaker and has been known to baby his two younger mafioso brothers even if he doesn’t always approve of the decisions they make. He will fight anyone, including his own family, to hold onto his integrity and will risk anything, even death, to do what he feels is right.
Car: Custom Black Ferrari FF
Fighting Style: Sprawl and Brawl
Theme Song: The Fighter—Gym Class Heroes
Quotes: “In a different life it’d be easy to love you. Hell, it’d be easy in this life if shit wasn’t so fucking complicated.”-- Romeo to Jules.

Jules Conner— Tough as nails, Jules gets things done. The only attorney for two towns, a volunteer Deputy for her brother’s Sheriff’s Department and a co-owner of a successful MMA training center where she teaches women how to defend themselves she’s always there for residents of Garnet. But Jules secretly longs for more than being married to her work and a lonely life with only her twin brother for company. She wants a man who’ll see past her tough exterior to her tender heart, but she bends for no one. He’ll have to love her exactly as she is, hard edges and all.
Car: Mercedes Benz S550
Fighting Style: Whatever it takes to win.
Theme Song: Bitch--Meredith Brooks
Quote: “I don’t want this to stop. Ever. I wish you could promise me it wouldn’t.”--Jules to Romeo

Wyatt Conner—Sixth generation sheriff of Garnet County and Jules’s twin brother. He doesn’t like anyone making trouble in his town and he certainly doesn’t like Romeo Wellings. Wyatt is a friendly, approachable Sheriff, if not all business when it comes to the law, but he has been known to forget the rules and fight dirty to protect his own.
Car: Garnet County Sheriff SUV
Fighting Style: Sprawl and Brawl
Theme Song: Small Town—John Mellencamp
Quote: “Stay the fuck away from my sister and get the hell out of my town while you’re at it!” -- Wyatt to Romeo

Clay Powers—Retired Heavyweight and former rival to Romeo. He is indebted to Romeo after their fight in Las Vegas (See Clay’s Battered Hearts book, Defying the Odds for the full story). Now he volunteers both his time and his training center in Garnet to help Romeo prepare for his next match. Clay is Wyatt’s best friend, but he has little care of others opinions. He tends to ignore Wyatt’s complaints about the city boys and makes up his own mind.
Car: Chevy Tahoe SUV
Fighting Style: Ground and Pound
Theme Song: Thank God I’m a Country Boy—John Denver
Quote: “And you’re dating Jules. That’s a whole other issue. She’s intense ‘bout everything, and you ain’t exactly mellow. Mel thinks you’re perfect together. I think ya’ll might end up strangling each other first.”

Casanova “Nova” Moretti—Too smart and cunning for his own good, Nova is Romeo’s younger half-brother. He’s Capo Bastone (Underboss) for one of the largest crime families in New York. He follows his own set rules and morality is usually less of a concern than keeping his family safe. He’s a very good friend to have and a very dangerous enemy to make.
Car: 2012 Cadillac Escalade
Fighting Style: Sprawl and Brawl—but be warned, Nova carries a 9mm and a laptop, either of which he’ll use to hurt you.
Theme Song: Happiness is a Warm Gun—The Beatles
Quote: “Disappear, Juliet, before I’m forced to get mean.” -- Nova to Jules

Valentino “Tino” Moretti— Romeo and Nova’s baby brother, Tino’s often torn between his two older brothers who have very different opinions on right and wrong. He is known to party hard and fight harder. A solider for the Moretti family, he’ll clip you if you threaten his family, but he also has dreams of getting out and following in Romeo’s footsteps as a professional MMA fighter.
Car: He’s in between cars at the moment, but has been seen cruising in Romeo’s Ferrari.
Fighting Style: Sprawl and Brawl
Theme Song: I’m Sexy and I Know it-LMFAO
Quote: “The girls around here are hardcore, but they got skills. I definitely get why you fell in love with that Conner chick after Vegas. Nova doesn’t get it, but I get it. Cowgirls, they do it better.”--Tino to Romeo

Jesus “Chuito” Garcia: A Light Heavyweight champion, Chuito “The Slayer” hails from Puerto Rico and the hard streets of Miami, but he’s been training in Garnet for the past three years. He’s very loyal to the Conners, but he also understands Romeo and the Moretti brothers more than he wants to admit. He and Tino become good friends and training partners.
Car: Mazda Speed3
Fighting Style: Sprawl and Brawl, will resort to old school street fighting.
Theme Song: Lose Yourself-Eminem
Quote: “Jules, I get it. I probably get it more than you do. I won’t tell anyone.”-- Chuito to Romeo and Jules.

A Battered Hearts Series Book 1 Amazon
Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts, #1)

I can't wait for this book!!!! I loved Defying The Odds!!!  

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