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Waiting For This New Release: Sparks Fly by Heather Rainier...

June 29, 2012  Bookstrand

Sheltered Jayne Sheridan, the town librarian, is ready to live the fantasies she writes now that she's free from the shadows of her past. The art buff she meets in the library sets all her creative juices flowing.
Well-traveled Seth Carter, Divine's new tattoo artist believes life experience and globe-trotting are overrated. He encounters Jayne in the library and thinks she's too good to be true.
Matchmaker Grace Warner has enigmatic Seth and her cousin Jayne in her crosshairs. All she needs is an excuse to bring them together. Add in a Fourth of July celebration and a reunion with the Divine Creek Ranch family and what happens? Sparks fly!
Sparks Fly! is a sexy little romp that intimately reacquaints readers with all the beloved characters in the entire series and introduces Seth and Jayne, the main characters in the upcoming twelfth Divine Creek Ranch novel entitled His Tattooed Virgin .

Excerpt from Heather Rainier's Facebook:

Here's the excerpt from Grace, Jack, Ethan and Adam's scene. They've taken a short detour on their way home from The Dancing Pony. Some language has been edited since this is Facebook and prudes abound;-)  (hehehe!!)

 Ethan and Adam both climbed from the vehicle and moved around to the back door, talking, and seemed to be inspecting the area behind the vehicle. Jack chuckled as he and Grace caught their breath.

“You know what would really rock their world?”

Grace lifted her head as she panted. “What?”

“If they had to chase you down first. The moon's bright. This is a private road and there are no houses on it. The owners use it as a deer lease and it’s not deer season. You’re safe out here, just stay on the road. I guarantee they’ll make it worth your while. Why don’t you give them something to work for?”

Grace giggled as she lifted off ***(him. Though spent, he throbbed at the prospect of what would happen)*** when they caught her. She kissed him and smiled with eyes that twinkled.

“Put on your sandals first. The rough gravel won’t feel good on your bare feet. They must be scoping the spot out right now, so you should get a pretty decent head start. I’ll dim the dome light so they don’t notice when you open the door.”

“Okay. Thanks, Jack. That was awesome, by the way.”

“I agree completely. Off ya go.”

She slipped from the vehicle and pushed the passenger door closed softly.

Jack pulled himself together and grinned when they finally opened the back tailgate. He got a glimpse of Grace’s lush derriere as she ducked past a bush on the side of the road a little ways down. Thank goodness Ethan had shut off the headlights so they couldn’t have seen her.

“What took you so long?” Jack asked with a chuckle as he buttoned his fly.

“Adam found this by the wheel so we were making sure it’s previous owner wasn’t in the vicinity.” Feeling tingly and satisfied, Jack turned in the seat and did a double take at what Ethan held up.

“Motherf****r! How long is that?” Jack gasped, panic pouring through his body making his hands shake as he grabbed for the door handle.

Adam shrugged as he looked at the rattlesnake skin. “I dunno. Five…six feet? Where’s Grace?”

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Jack finally got the handle to work and kicked open the door.

“Where’s Grace?” Ethan demanded with an edge of panic in his voice.

“Out there!” He stumbled as his feet got tangled in the straps of her white satin bra.

I love this series!!! It is one of my favorites and I have read the entire series more times then I can remember!! Grace, Jack, Adam and Ethan still remain my favorite characters and it is great to see all the characters continue on throughout the series in each book!!!

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