Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waiting For This New Release: Call Me Wild by Robin Kaye...

Call Me Wild
Call Me Wild (Wild Thing, #2) 
Unemployed New York Times sports reporter, Jessica James gives up her big city life
and moves into a borrowed house in Boise, Idaho. She's determined to become a 
great romance writer, and she only has one obstacle: she doesn't believe in love. 
Writing quickly becomes a challenge, so Jessica decides to go out and find some inspiration. She soon meets sexy, outdoorsy doctor Fisher Kincaid, who's more 
than happy to teach her all about love...

For some reason I found 2 different covers for Call Me Wild.  The cover on the right is from Amazon and the cover on the left is from Goodreads. This is a great series that I absolutely love and can;t wait for this book no matter what the cover!!!

Wild Thing

This series starts with the books below in the Domestic Gods series Books 1-4 then continues with the Wild Thing series which will have at least 3 books. It is a little confusing how Amazon and Goodreads lists these 2 series. Wild Thing series is about Ben Walsh's cousins and Ben's book is Yours for the Taking

Romeo, Romeo (Domestic Gods, #1)Too Hot to Handle (Domestic Gods, #2)Breakfast in Bed (Domestic Gods, #3)Yours for the Taking (Domestic Gods, #4)


  1. The cover on the left is correct. The publisher changed it after the Advanced Readers Copies were released.

    I'm so glad you like the series. Call Me Wild just got a fabulous review on Publishers Weekly! http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-4022-5733-9 (978-1-4022-5733-9)

    Robin :)

    1. Hey Robin,
      Thanks for clearing that up!!! Love Love Love this series!! Can't wait for this book and then Trapper!!!!! Have a great day!! :)