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New Release: Rodeo Rebel by Debra Kayn...

When widower and land baron Cole Reardon acquired the Turner Grain Corporation, he didn't know the company sponsored a bull rider. He refuses to support thrill-seekers dumb enough to get on the back of a crazed animal. He’s not willing to risk his fortune and livelihood when he has his daughter's well-being to consider. Not even when the bull rider is the sexiest woman he's ever seen.
Bull rider Florentine McDougal plans to turn pro after the season championship, fulfilling her lifelong dream of succeeding in a man’s world. That is, until Cole Reardon shows up and threatens to break his sponsorship contract with her. Now everything she’s worked for is less than eight seconds away from being destroyed.
Cole distracts Florentine with his sexy mouth and unreasonable demands, and he's not going to compromise his integrity. But she's not going to let him loose until she has pro status. And neither will come away from this dust-up unscathed.

She jumped down and plowed into a brick wall wearing a black pearl-buttoned shirt. Her hat toppled, and she grabbed it before it could hit the ground again.

“Miss McDougal?”

She glanced up and away, dismissing him. “I don’t do interviews, except by appointment. If you want to watch the rodeo, there’s a whole set of bleachers where you can set your denims.” She lifted her gaze and stared into a pair of light-hazel eyes. The intensity she saw caught her off guard, and she looked down, zeroing in on the sharpest black Lucchese cowboy boots she’d ever seen. She sighed in appreciation. “Sweet kickers…”

He obviously wasn’t one of the press, not with a pair of boots that’d normally cost her a month’s winnings. She slowly followed the line of his long, firm body—encased in denim and a western shirt pulled tight across his chest—back to his face and stepped away, short of breath. His smile sold itself, but the coldness of his gaze carried no warranty that he was up to any good.

She made to step around him, but he cut off her exit. “Excuse me,” she said.

“If I could have a second of your time, I’d appreciate it.” He tipped his hat.

“Not interested.” She moved in the other direction, but he beat her to the spot and blocked her. “Hey!”

He widened his stance. “It’s in your best interest.”

She stiffened. How many times had she heard that line? “Look somewhere else, dude, because I’m not interested.”

He lowered his gaze to the front of her shirt, staring a little too long, and her nipples peaked. Even though she wore a safety vest nobody could see through, she crossed her arms.

“The name’s Cole Reardon.” His quietly spoken words rolled over her like thick honey on a warm day. It was liquid seduction.

She stepped back, put fists on hips, and glared him down. She’d rather face a rank bull than let him play her as an easy lay because she participated in a man’s sport. She tossed her braid behind her back. “Great. You’ve given me your howdy, now you can get out of my way.”

“I’m the new owner of Turner Grain Corporation.” He pointed to the sponsor’s logo on the front of her vest.

She glanced down. Turner Grain. Warmth heated her cheeks. “Oh, right. My sponsor. Sorry, I thought you were one of the reporters or trying to…”

“I understand.” His left cheek twitched. “I have to apologize, myself. I meant to contact you when the buyout became official, but I had an emergency on my own ranch to take care of.”

“No problem. Those things happen.” She stuck out her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. I’ve wanted to thank you in person, but I figured I’d have to wait until the season ended. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. I’m very grateful.”

His rough, manly fingers swallowed hers. The warmth from his palm traveled up her arm. She blinked rapidly, trying to hide the way her stomach fluttered over the sexiest cowboy she’d ever met.

Her gaze settled on his broad chest. She leaned toward him, catching a hint of cinnamon over the dust and animal smells. Rugged and confident, he was a man who demanded attention. Attention she’d love to give him if she had time.

No. She couldn’t go there. A distraction like him would throw her off her game.

“No thanks needed.” He engulfed her hands between both of his. “I’d like to speak with you if you have the time.”
Her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth, but she managed to nod.

He had a face she might have dreamed about in the twilight time, halfway between awake and sleep, when a woman could entertain a few fantasies. The purposeful expression, the dark auburn hair, and his looming presence made her feel feminine and soft. He tickled the girly side she rarely let show while riding the circuit. She lived in a man’s world and couldn’t afford to appear weak. That meant she also stuck to her seasonal rule not to dillydally with the other cowboys.

“Florentine?” He leaned forward, snapping her out of indulging in a little man candy daydream. “How about in an hour? That’ll give you time to clean up, and we can go out to dinner.”

“Oh!” She jerked her hand away. “Um. Sure.”



“It’s imperative that I talk with you. It concerns your future.”

With one last nod, she whirled around, took three steps, and clipped the toe of her boot on a small rock. She stumbled, but righted herself before she fell. Her future? What the heck did that mean?

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