Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting For This New Release: Haunted Sanctuary by Moira Rogers...

January 2013 Green Pines Farm Book #1
Eden Green can't remember a time she didn't believe in monsters--her cousin was born one. Her family's dark past has cast a long shadow over Eden's life, making it hard to grow too close to friends and harder to commit to a lover. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop... even though she hasn't seen a werewolf since the day her cousin left town on his eighteenth birthday.

Jay Ancheta left the corruption and cruelty of the city packs behind years ago. Too alpha to feel comfortable in a subordinate position in a Sanctuary town, he satisfies his need to protect by serving as the Chief of Police in the remote Tennessee town of Clover. He's always been drawn to Eden, but he can't offer forever to a woman who doesn't know what he is, and he doesn't think he could let her go after one taste.

But no secrets are safe when Eden's cousin and his battered pack arrive in Clover, their tormentors hard at their heels. Eden is bitten in the chaos, leaving Jay with a traumatized pack and a newly turned wolf burning with enough hungry alpha power to consume her. Together, they might have the strength to create a new Sanctuary--if their passion can survive the ghosts of the Green family's secrets.

I am a HUGE fan of Moira Rogers!!!!  Red Rock Pass and Southern Arcana series are my absolute favorites!!! So Good!! I am so excited for this new series--can't wait!!! :)

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