Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Their Virgin Princess by Shayla Balck & Lexi Blake...5 out of 5 rating...

Book #4
A broken woman…

Alea Binte al Mussad, Princess of Bezakistan, was abducted from her university, mentally tortured and forced to witness the worst of humanity. She was rescued, but not before fear and her shattered soul made her retreat into herself. Two years later, she’s living behind the palace’s locked gates and the walls she’s built surrounding her heart. Alea is comforted by the joyous family around her, but inside feels so alone—except when she’s with the steady trio of guards who relentlessly keep her safe. And tempt her with a passion she isn’t sure she’ll survive.

Three stalwart warriors determined to claim her…

Dane Mitchell, Cooper Evans, and Landon Nix wanted Alea from the moment they laid eyes on her. Held back by their duty and her fragility, they worship the Princess from afar, determined to claim her if the chance ever comes. When Alea learns that someone may still be hunting her, she plots to escape both danger and her guards’ simmering, overwhelming passion. Dane, Coop, and Lan aren’t about to let her go. When they find themselves in paradise and all boundaries are stripped away, the ice begins to melt around Alea’s heart. But when reality comes crashing in, will she learn to accept love before a killer strikes again?
Oh...I was so looking forward to this book because I wanted to learn more Dane, Cooper and Landon and how they were able to help Alea to cope with her situation and convince her to take a chance on the three of them. It was so worth  the wait. I have to laugh because I stated in my last 2 reviews of this series that those books were my favorites of the series so far, but Their Virgin Princess blew them away and definitely won my heart and is no doubt my favorite of the series. Each book keeps getting better and better and drawing me further into the series. This is definitely not a problem to have in that I keep changing my mind about my favorite book in the series. lol 

I loved Landon, Cooper and Dane (although Dane could be an asshat - I guess there always has to be one. lol )  I also really liked Alea in this book.  I couldn't wait for her to stop giving them such a hard time and just accept their relationship.  I loved the banter between Dane, Landon and Cooper-so funny. I just loved the relationship between these 4. They were so good together.  And the sex was definitely hot hot hot!! ;) 

My favorite part of this book was most definitely the plane crash and their time on the island. So good!! I mean really who wouldn't want to be stranded on an island with three sexy ex-special forces men??? Count me in!! lol  This is definitely a book that gave me quite a few happy dreams!! lol ;) Loved the epilogue-so sweet. 

A great story that I totally enjoyed and I cannot wait for more. I am hoping for a book with Riley, Law and Dominic. 

***Copy provided by Lexi Blake.  Thanks Chloe. :) 5 out of 5 rating!! 



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