Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Angel Unleashed by Andris Bear...4 out of 5 Rating...

When tenacious archangel Liadin is forced to shadow a mortal, she’s tempted to ditch the responsibility of her new charge and return to the battlefield. But Detective Jacob Ryder isn’t all he seems. He’s been to the realm of the dead and brought something back with him. Even worse, Liadin finds herself inexplicably drawn to the brooding detective.

Haunted by betrayal, Jake regards everyone with suspicion, especially the mysterious dark beauty with eyes as pale as ice. But when Hell places a bounty on his head, Jake realizes he can’t solve his partner’s death or hope to survive without her. 

Thrust together in a battle against a powerful, dark entity, Jake and Liadin must join forces if they are to survive. And brave the forbidden hunger consuming them both.
The following quote from Angel Unleashed explains the relationship between Jake and Liadin perfectly:

"There was just something about her riled and spitting mad that turned him the fuck on."

Jake and Liadin where so funny together with the things they said and did to each other. I loved the way Liadin responded to Jake's comments and the way he constantly tormented her. Angel Unleashed was yet another great addition to a series that I continue to look forward to each new release. It had everything that I have grown to love about Andris and her writing. 

Liadin is a little less snarky than Joey but she is still such a fun character. I love how feisty and strong and smart she was.  Jake~love a dirty talker *sigh*  I kind of felt sorry for Jake and all that he had been through. I wanted these two to get their HEA so bad and I loved reading their struggle to finally get it. Jake and Liadin where perfect for each other. 

I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing more of Joey and Ursus!! So cute!! And I absolutely ADORED the direction Andris is taking their relationship!!  I am so looking forward to reading their continuing story. 

Angel Unleashed was such an entertaining read with a great H/h and an even better ending especially the epilogue. Andris seems to have a pattern with her endings of leaving me looking forward to more and I cannot wait for the next book.  

The only thing that I really missed was more sex scenes. What I mean by that is that sex scenes bring a certain intimacy between the characters and I just wanted a little more of that intimacy between Jake and Liadin. I am so looking forward to reading more about them in the next book also.

I love this new cover!!

**ARC provided by Andris Bear~Thanks!! :) 


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