Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can't Wait For This New Release: Lena's Happily Ever After by Dixie Lynn Dwyer...

Release Date: July 30, 2012 / Bookstrand

Town Of Pearl Series Book #3
Lena’s learned a lot living on the streets of Detroit. She’s making progress when a gang leader attempts to claim her. She fights him off then runs for her life. Lena winds up in a place called Pearl, where caring people reside and ménage relationships surround her.

     The big hearted Dr. Jones, convinces her to work for him. His son, Deputy Kenny Jones, thinks she’s trouble but sparks begin to fly immediately.
She meets his brothers Quinn and Blake Jones and they are demanding and total Alpha males too.
Then she meets their estranged brother, Bryant Jones. He’s an x Marine, filled with anger and venom as he cuts all ties with his family. Until Lena comes along and takes a job caring for Bryant’s house. He’s mean and nasty but just as good looking as his brothers and they all want her.
But trust doesn’t come easy and soon her past calls her back to Detroit and the men refuse to let he go.
Town Of Pearl Series Books 1 and 2 / AMAZON / BOOKSTRAND
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  1. Can't wait, love the other two.

  2. Never heard of this series or author. It sounds good. Have a great week.

    1. LOL... I love Dixie Lynn Dwyer -- she is one of my favorite authors. She write menage--so maybe that's why!! :)