Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reviewed: Sharing Hailey by Samantha Ann King...

Sharing Hailey
Hailey Anderson's deep, dark secret? She's been madly in lust with her overprotective brother's two best friends for years. Gorgeous woodworking artist Mark Allen and sexy doctor Tony Adamo have no idea they star in her fantasies every night.
After a nasty breakup with her abusive boyfriend, Hailey's looking for a little distance. Headed for a two-week Hawaiian vacation with her brother and his hot friends, Hailey can't wait to feast her eyes on Mark's and Tony's rock-hard, ocean-slick bodies. Even if she can't touch.
But instead of treating her like their little sister, Mark and Tony have a surprising proposition: a monogamous ménage à trois. The three of them—and no one else. Both men want Hailey and have agreed to share her. The red-hot reality is even better than the forbidden fantasy. Until Hailey's ex threatens their newfound happiness…
Menage romance books are a particular favorite of mine. I love the whole concept and there are some great authors that have the ability to tell a great story along with the steamy hot sex scenes!! An ability that blends the menage into the story so that it doesn't become the whole story. Samantha Ann King definitely falls into this category. This is the first book that I have had the pleasure of reading from her and it surely will not be the last!! With Sharing Hailey she has gained me as a fan and I look forward to reading more from her.
Tony, Hailey and Mark were such wonderful lovable characters whose relationship formed from years of friendship. Their romance was written to be so believable. Each had their own struggles with making the menage work. The challenges that they faced on their journey made their relationship real to me. I was pulled into the story through their characters from the beginning and I fell in love right along with them and wanted their HEA. Sharing Hailey had suspense, conflict, love, romance, great secondary characters, HOT STEAMY sex scenes and most important a HEA--all the things that I love most!! Hailey was one lucky girl!! A great sexy read that I would definitely recommend and will be rereading. 4 out of 5 rating.

***ARC copy obtained per NetGalley.


  1. Great review sweetie. I agree with you it is hard to find a good menage with a "great story along with the steamy hot sex scenes". I am happy you found a new author that has this ability. Have a great week.