Saturday, July 21, 2012

For The Time Being No More Man Candy (*sobs*)(*cries*)(*sobs*)...

It is because of this post from Roni Loren's blog, about pictures being used on blogs, that I am in the process of taking down my numerous man candy and couple candy pics (*SOBS*)(*CRIES*) (*SOBS*).  UGH!!!! I can't totally forgo my daily dose of man candy so I will figure something out!!! ;)
Thanks for understanding and I hope that you will continue to visit my blog!!! :)


  1. Thanks for the heads up and her link. Wow I just took all mine down too. I am new to blogging so really I would hate to piss someone off. We are all good we still have our sexy covers. I will repost this on my site too when I get home.

    1. Hey you, I don't really know if it is necessary but it got to me enough that I am going to remove them. Because knowing my luck it would also happen to me!! But it is a lot of pictures so I still have them saved and we will see what happens. Like I said I don't know if it is over-reacting but I figure better safe then sorry. But my man candy is one of the things I liked most about my site!!! LOL It just sucks!!! Plus I guess it applies to the buttons I made for my posts too. UGH!!! You're right--we will just have to post sexy man candy covers!!!! I meant to send this to you and got side-tracked--I'm sorry!! Oh, I saw that someone asked Roni if it was ok to instead of posting the pictures if you could post the link, but I didn't see where she answered back yet--but that might be an option also. So I guess we will see. Have a great day!! I talk to you more about this later!! :)

    2. I took mine all down on my blog front page and just man candy days. I am keeping up my buttons and banners because I think that is okay. I think the buttons and banners are not bad usually it is just parts of th pics. used. LOL! As soon as I saw your post I took mine down while helping at my girlfriends salon. It would be my luck I would get in trouble. I have teribble luck and do not have no money (which no one does when getting sued). I rather be safe. Hey now we have more time to read and write our reviews (which I am always behind). Too busy looking for yummy eye candy. Do not worry about not sending it to me. I stalk your blog so we are all good. Ok got to post on my site now. Have a great weekend.

    3. Yeah, that is why I took mine down too. Like I said it mat be over-reacting but just better to be safe then sorry. I mean really can you imagine being sued for using a man candy photo--it is just too much!! people suck and ruin it for everyone else. I mean she took it right down!! So I took all mine down here and at Goodreads and on my Twitter. Have a great rest of the weekend!! :)