Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reviewed Shifting Gears by Shawn Kirsten Maravel...

Shifting Gears (The Rider Series)
Wesley Pierce, a Virginia State Trooper, is in search of the perfect log cabin to settle down in. After losing his brother and doing his best to care for the family he left behind he decides, a year after Nathan’s death, that he’s finally ready to move forward.
Olivia Michaels, a realtor in search of her own dream home and a way out of her parents’ attic, takes on a client who can help get her that much closer to affording her freedom. Little does she know that it isn’t the perfect home that she finds but through Wesley Pierce she manages to find herself. And maybe, if she’s capable of taking the leap, she might even manage to find love. 
This novel, not unlike its predecessor in the Rider series, The Wanderer, is not a story about life altering suspense and mystery or a love that seemed impossible from the very start. Instead, this story is of love in its purest form. In life it isn’t mystery and excitement that drive our hearts but trepidation and the moment in which we all decide to jump unguarded into the arms of another.

Shifting Gears is the first book that I have read from Shawn Kirsten Maravel. I really enjoyed it and I will definitely be looking for more from her. 
I loved Wesley and Olivia and enjoyed their journey towards their HEA. It had a great cast of secondary characters that added to the story and I am hoping that Shawn will write a book about Maggie and her daughter--they need a HEA also. Shifting Gears entertained me from the beginning and I loved the ways that Wesley and Olivia kept running into each other. They didn't fall instantly in love with each other but instead their relationship grew from friendship. 
While reading Shifting Gears, I couldn't help feeling that there was something missing and I think, for me, it was the lack of any intimate moments between Wesley and Olivia-without these moments between them, I didn't feel drawn into their romance as much as I normally would have. Just as it started to heat up the story ended.
Just a quick and easy read that I enjoyed a lot and has made me a fan of Shawn Kirsten Maravel. 4 out of 5 rating. 


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