Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reviewed Indelibly Intimate by Regina Cole...

Indelibly Intimate
Quinn LaBrea got ditched. Her jerkwad ex-boyfriend trashed her credit and left behind a mountain of debt. Worse, his initials are tattooed on her thigh, an ugly-ass reminder of her utter failure at life. Not to mention her horrible taste in men.

Hamilton Dean—”Hammer” at his tattoo shop—may be an unlikely white knight, with his piercings and bad-boy persona, but he takes one look at Quinn and knows exactly what she needs. A new tattoo to cover the old one? Easy. A place to stay when her power’s cut? Done. A night filled with hot, sweaty sex and mind-blowing orgasms? Hell yeah.

Addicted to Quinn’s touch, Hammer brings her to the Inktastic Tattoo Convention. In his booth where anyone could see, in the hotel where it’s just them, anywhere and everywhere, Hammer has to have her. But he wants to give Quinn so much more than mindless pleasure and multiple orgasms. He offers her forever, if she has the courage to take it.
Regina Cole is a new author for me and she has definitely gained a new fan!!! I loved Indelibly Intimate. It had romance, conflict, HOT sex scenes, a sexy tattooed H/h, and a HEA. I couldn't ask for anything more-well maybe an epilogue a few years ahead. LOL ;)
I loved Hammer-he was such a great character-all tattooed, bald, sexy, bad-ass on the outside and all gooey on the inside. *sigh* So good.
Indelibly Intimate was just a great, sexy, fun, read that entertained me the entire time and I would definitely recommend reading. It will surely be a reread for me that has earned a place in my keeper pile. I look forward to reading more from Regina Cole. 5 out of 5 rating. 

"He looked like a genuine badass-shaved head, plenty of muscles, dangerous smile and a magnetism that threatened to rip her from her axis."

"Gorgeous tattoos and that perfectly formed man ass" ( it!!)

"Vincent Vibrator"  ( funny)

"He was like one of those carbon-water filters. All her bad things went through him and came back good."


  1. Great review. Just added it to my buy TBR list. Have a great week.

    1. I think you will like this one!!! I love Hammer!!! :)