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Reviewed: A Life Interrupted by Kristi Loucks...

A Life Interrupted
“Jared BelaForte spent his life protecting the people he loves and the place he calls home working for a government appointed task force called The Greater Wilmington First Response Team or GWRT. A group comprised of his friend and half brother, Dylan Spencer. his father’s old partner on the Police Force, Alex Kelley and his cousin Jules Devereaux. Rounding out the team was Shay McElroy, a profiler who also happened to be the love of his life.
Everything seemed perfect in his life, he had love, friends and family surrounding him and his team was on the verge of putting an end to the reign of a known trafficker who dealt in drugs and women. But in one moment, the man Jared had spent years trying to put away interrupted that life. 
Sergei Dolenov is that man. He deals in drugs and dolls, a family business you might say. He had been able to stay under the radar in the sleepy port of North Carolina that he called home these days. But when the Governor put together a task force to disrupt his business, he took on a new target. Jared BelaForte.
After two years of torture and pain, Jared believed he would die in Dolenov’s “care”. But just when all hope is lost, an opportunity to escape presents itself. Two years to the day, Dylan got the phone call. Jared was in the local ER, and he was alive. Jared also learns that there was one other person that was left behind when he went missing, his little girl Sera, just 17 months old. She was the glue that held Shay together when all seemed lost to her.
Can he pick up the pieces before the man responsible returns to finish the job he started?”

A Life interrupted was a heartwarming, sweet, funny, emotional, often times difficult read. The story packs an emotional punch as the characters struggle to put their lives back together after Jared, who was held captive for 2 years, during which he was tortured, finally comes home. It was interesting to read how Jared's disappearance affected everyone and how each of them coped. Jared and Shay had both endured a lot, each in their own way, in the 2 years since he had been missing. But their love for each other held strong and they were so sweet and supportive and protective of each other. I loved their relationship and how Kristi wrote their characters. I especially loved Jared with his daughter, Sera--so cute!! 
There was a likable set of secondary characters that enhanced this story filled with love, hope, tears, laughter, and a little bit of mystery and excitement along with a HEA.
Kristi Loucks was a new author for me and I look forward to reading more from her. 
4 out of 5 rating.

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