Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reviewed: Fatal Deception by Marie Force...BEST OF THE BEST rating...

Fatal Deception (Fatal, #5)
Fatal Series Book #5
The wife of the White House deputy chief of staff has been beaten to death, and their one-year-old daughter is missing. D.C. Police Lieutenant Sam Holland is in charge of the murder investigation, but she's forced to collaborate with Special Victims Unit detectives as well as thorn-in-her-side FBI Special Agent Avery Hill. Then, a cold case of her father's resurrects old hurts—a distraction Sam cannot afford.As Sam's investigation heats up, so does Nick's political career—and the heat carries over to their bedroom. Will Sam put the pieces together in time to catch a killer and find the baby, or will ambition, greed and lies prove fatal?
This series just keeps getting better and that's saying something because it was pretty damn AWESOME from the start!!!  I LOVE reading the progression of Nick and Sam's relationship. I LOVE reading about all my other favorite characters and how their relationships are progressing also.  Freddie & Elin, Gonzo & Christina, Jeannie & Michael, Terry & Lindsey , Tinker Bell, Skip & Celia, Scotty, Tyrone, Harry..Oh...Harry he needs a woman!! and Avery...Oh...Avery needs a woman too as long as it's not Sam!!! lol  I look forward to reading about them almost as much as I do Nick & Sam. 

Each addition to the series continues to be new and fresh with just the right amount of the familiar!! Such entertaining and exciting stories filled with romance, laughter, tears and increasingly HOTTER sex scenes!!!  I'm always anxiously waiting for the next book in the series. I would be completely devastated if anything were to happen to Nick or Sam. They are such a great couple and I LOVE how they continue to be the main focus of this series. It is why I keep returning and will continue to do so. 

Nick & Sam are definitely my all time favorite couple, hands down!! Their relationship is so strong and loving and I absolutely adore they way Nick takes care of Sam with the things he does for her and says to her. Nick *sigh*  I love how they continue to grow in their relationship as the series progresses. Nick continues to make me SWOON with each new book. In Fatal Deception, Marie bumped up his swoon factor with some pretty AWESOME HOT STEAMY INTENSE SMOKING sex scenes!!! *shivers* Nick went all ALPHA in that one scene in their "honeymoon" room~soooo good!!! ;) He has to be one of greatest heroes that I have ever read!! Just love him!!!  It's pretty hard not to fall under Sam's spell as well, she is gorgeous, kick~ass, smart, funny, loyal, caring and has great taste in shoes and clothes!! lol  She is definitely girl~crush material!! :)

This continues to be one of my favorite series and a constant reread. It is so well written and contains everything that I could ever want in a book!!  I have never wanted a hero and heroine to get the HEA they deserve more than Sam and Nick. Fatal Deception ended with such a cute and heartwarming epilogue!!! So Good!! 


***ARC provided by NetGalley~Thank you so much!!

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  1. Thanks Mariann! Glad you enjoyed Fatal Deception!

    1. Thank you for writing such an AWESOME series!! Have a great day!! :)