Sunday, November 11, 2012

Can't Wait For This New Release: Coming Home by Marie Force...

The story left unfinished at the end of Marking Time picks up ten years later when Kate Harrington goes after the man she left behind when she set out to chase her dream of music superstardom. Now she has everything she ever wanted, except for the one thing she can't live without. What will Reid say when she shows up unannounced in St. Kitts, looking to reclaim their lost love? And what will Jack, Kate's father, have to say when he hears she's gone back to her first love, a man Jack once considered a friend? And what do you think will happen when Jill Harrington, Kate's sister, attorney and manager, faces off with Ashton Matthews, Reid's son, the same man who made life miserable for Kate many years ago? The sparks will fly when the Harrington, Matthews and O'Malley families gather in Nashville for a Christmas none of them will ever forget!
Book 4 in the Treading Water Series is due out this Christmas season!
I seriously cannot wait for this book!!! It will be the best Christmas present ever!!! lol ;)
I have not read the first book in the series and I refused to read the second book until Marie fixed the ending of Kate and Reid!! lol ;) So I actually started with the third book, Starting Over and I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED that book so much. It is one of my favorite rereads. :)

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