Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reviewed: Double Time by Olivia Cunning...BEST OF THE BEST rating...

Double Time (Sinners on Tour, #5)
Trey Mills, the notoriously sexy Sinners rhythm guitarist, gives up his bisexual lifestyle and is swept into a hot, heady romance with Reagan Elliot, a female rock star sensation. But when Trey encounters Reagan's sexy bisexual roommate, Ethan Conner, he can no longer deny who he is or what he wants. Reagan heartily agrees to a solution that opens up a hot new world of sexual experience--and love--with the two men she wants the most.
I am a HUGE fan of Olivia Cunning and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Double Time was a great addition and definitely didn't disappoint.  I'm still a little confused about why Trey's book was written as the last but released as the 3rd but I have nothing but love for Double Time. It was so much more than I thought it was going to be. I just absolutely loved it and can't wait to read Jace's and Eric's books.

OMG...the sex scenes were so DIRTY~SMOKING~HOT that I'm surprised I didn't break out in a sweat!! LOL ;) I don't think there is anybody who can write sex scenes like Olivia. Woo-Wee!! *shivers*

I loved Reagan right from the start. She was just so much fun. Her character was such a surprise for me because I hadn't expected to love her as much as I did. She was perfect for Trey and I love how they first met. Of course Trey was AWESOME. He was everything that I loved about him in the other books and more!! I didn't know what to think about Ethan in the beginning and I had a few issues with him in one particular scene with Trey but he eventually grew on me. I actually would have liked to see just Reagan and Trey together but I was happy with the three of them. I was rooting for their HEA and I am so glad that Trey finally got his. 

I loved being able to catch up with my other favorite characters especially Sed and Jessica and Myrna and Brian~although I was a little mad with Brian for how he treated Trey. 

I thought the ending was great. 

Oh...and Dare~~ I am so totally gone for Dare!!!! Can't get enough of him!!!  

Just a great read!! Definitely a keeper and definitely a reread!! 


Some of my favorite quotes:
"Liar, Liar, lack of pants, I'm on fire." (Reagan about Trey)

"Dare didn't need lines to attract women. He just had to sit there and give off Dare-a-mones." (love this one!! hee-hee)

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  1. Great review. I want Trey to do dirty things to me with his tongue ring and that yummy cherry lollipop.

    1. LOL....Thanks. I LOVE Trey!! I think it is so funny that she has him addicted to the cherry lollipops!! It's the little things!! lol ;p