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Reviewed: Half Moon Shifters Series by Ranae Rose...

I was first introduced to Ranae Rose's writing through her book Hot Ink (click here for my review). It was such a great book that as soon as I was finished, I was looking for more.  I was immediately interested in her Half Moon Shifters series. I love shifter romances and I am always looking for new-to-me authors.  As soon as I saw this series, I knew I had to read it.

Lonely Alpha (Half Moon Shifters, #1)Book 1 in the Half Moon Shifters Series.
When Mandy leaves the city behind and embarks on a retreat to the Great Smoky Mountains, she expects to spend the week alone with nature and a stack of novels. Instead, she ends up trapped on a remote mountain by a big game hunter who’s hell-bent on bagging a werewolf. Lonely alpha wolf-shifter Jack, the last of the once-strong Half Moon Pack, is his target. Jack is determined to keep Mandy safe while hunting his hunter, but being around Jack brings out a wild side Mandy never knew she had. As silver bullets fly, so do sparks. If they can manage to defeat their attacker, Mandy will still have one problem to contend with: Jack is convinced that she’s his mate.
I started off with Lonely Alpha and the title alone sucked me in. I loved how Jack and Mandy met and how they reacted to each other.  I liked how their relationship progressed throughout the story. I liked Jack, although I thought he could have talked a little more~his character definitely gave new meaning to the strong silent type!! LOL  I also liked Mandy~she was sweet and funny and she held her own when dealing with Jack.

Lonely Alpha was a good story with likable characters that I wanted to see get their HEA. I was happy to see that Jack and Mandy's story continued in True Alpha as I was entertained enough that I wanted to continue on with the series. 3 out of 5 rating. 

True Alpha (Half Moon Shifters, #2)Book 2 in the Half Moon Shifters Series.
With a baby on the way, Mandy and Jack are prepared for their pack of two to expand – or so they think, until Jack’s only remaining relatives return unexpectedly from Alaska, bringing others with them. Suddenly, the alpha couple has a lot more to worry about than what color to paint the nursery. But inter-pack dramas, baby shower plans and even a wedding can’t compare to the mayhem that ensues when a stranger from Mandy’s past shows up at the cabin’s doorstep, hiding a secret that could destroy the Half Moon Pack forever.
True Alpha starts off about 7 months after the end of Lonely Alpha. Jack and Mandy's relationship has strengthened and Mandy is 6 1/2 months pregnant with their first baby/pup. The story revolves around the return of some of Jack's former pack and their impending wedding/mating. It was entertaining to read about Jack and Mandy as they struggle to adapt to all of the changes and especially having more people around. I liked that Ronnie was a returning character and I can't wait to read about him and Violet in A Taste Of Honey.

A good addition to the series. True Alpha kept me entertained with the story and characters. There was love, laughter, a little mystery, a little nail~biting moments, some danger, some hot sex scenes, and a sweet HEA. 3 out of 5 rating.

A Taste of HoneyBook 3 in the Half Moon Shifters Series
Love at first sight? Not exactly. Things work a little differently for wolf shifters, though hunky park ranger Ronnie is a dream to look at, especially when he’s in uniform. Violet’s senses have been telling her he’s the one since the first time she caught a hint of his scent. Could she really be destined to be the mate of a bear shifter? Their differences are undeniable, but that hasn’t stopped her from wondering what it would be like to live happily ever after with the drop-dead sexy ranger who also serves as war chief of the Great Smoky Mountains’ resident bear shifter tribe. But bears don’t detect their mates by scent – their methods are scintillatingly personal. Tension simmers, and one thing will either make or break both of their hopes for the future – a taste of honey.
I absolutely LOVED A Taste Of Honey!! It is definitely my favorite of the series!! I had been waiting for Ronnie's book and I was so not disappointed. I loved Ronnie and Violet, they were so cute together and I loved how the story really focused on them and their growing relationship. 

A Taste Of Honey had romance, love, laughter, tears, a big~sexy~sweet~uniformed bear shifter, a virgin wolf shifter, sexual tension, Hot sex scenes and a HEA. I also loved seeing all the characters from the previous books as well as new characters.  

I think what I enjoyed most about this book is that Violet and Ronnie fell in love without any real angst and only a little bit of conflict~thrown in to make their relationship stronger in the end.  It was a sweet~fun~light read that pulled me in from the beginning and I didn't want it to end. Another great addition to the series!! Definitely going into my keeper pile to be reread!!  5 out of 5 rating. 

**All 3 copies generously provided by Ranae Rose~Thank you so much!!!

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  2. I can't wait to read this series it sounds fantastic!