Monday, October 1, 2012

Reviewed: Millie's Second Chance by Dixie Lynn Dwyer 5 out of 5 rating...

Millie's Second Chance (The Town of Pearl, #4)
Millie Donovan is thinking of coming back to Pearl for a visit as her newest relationship destructs and her past comes back to haunt her, or rather kill her. Frank, the man who nearly killed her two years ago, is released from prison on good behavior after seducing his therapist. He wants his Millie, and he will stop at nothing, not even murdering innocent people, to get to her.

Millie is no damsel in distress. She's determined to not let Frank or her past mistakes destroy her new dream of starting over in Pearl. She's learned that she deserves to be treated with respect, and damn it, she's done with men altogether. Her new life doesn't have the room for one. She's been burnt twice before, and the third time is not going to happen.

The Lewis brothers, Dalton, Hank, Marco, Jeremy, and Anthony, disagree. She's the spark that lights their fires, and she's about to realize that they want to be part of Millie's Second Cha
I am a HUGE fan of Dixie Lynn Dwyer. I have read all of her books and she is a definite auto buy for me. Her books continue to be rereads for me and Millie's Second Chance is no exception. A great addition to this series that I hope continues. 

Usually in her books I have a favorite out of the guys but I can honestly say that I loved all the guys in this story and I have never wanted to replace a female character more than I wanted to replace Millie!!! LOL ;p Marco, Anthony, Dalton, Hank and Jeremy *sigh* I also really liked Millie's character and I loved seeing my favorite characters from the previous books.

A great story with great characters and HOT sex with a HEA. Everything that I have come to expect and love about a Dixie Lynn Dwyer book. Can't wait for the next book. This is definitely going into my keeper pile along with the rest and will definitely be reread!! 5 out of 5 rating. 

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  1. I do not think I have read a book with more than 3 or 4 guys. Wow 5. Hot! Great review. Will have to check her out.

    1. LOL...Dixie has a few with 5 guys!! My favorite!!! LOL ;p