Sunday, March 18, 2012


Love these shoes!!!
Mystical Scents Bridal at Etsy


  1. Such pretty shoes! I love them!:)

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and following!;)

    I'm your newest GFC & Linky follower. I look forward to following you, I notice we have similar taste in books; Bones, Terrible, Vlad, Guild Hunter! So many great books!!:)

    Since you mentioned it to me, YES I highly recommend you read Fifty Shades of Grey! I'm Fifty-Obsessed LOL. Also I notice you're a Sinners on your fan?? I have the second book and as soon as I catch up with a few review books I'm going to purchase the first book and give it a shot! I hear they're great, also Jaci Burton has recently come on my radar, are you a fan!?

    Thanks for visiting & thanks for the blog <3!

    1. Hi Miss Vain, (love that name!!)

      I am sooo excited, you are the first to comment on my blog besides a little one from Catherine Mann, because I won her book!!! (squee!!) And my second real follower!!! Your blog is great and was the one that really got me to start doing the memes and blog hops(this week is the first),so thank you for that.

      I'm glad that we have similar tastes in books-I can't wait for those to be released. Have you read Sophie Oak or Heather Rainier??

      That is so funny, Fifty-Obsessed--there should be a button for that!! :)

      Oh, I love, love, love the Sinners books. You should definitely read them and start in order with Backstage Pass then Rock Hard. Can't wait for Double Time to be released-she just rearranged the order of the books, so I can't wait to see what happens. Remember to let me know what you thought about them!! You can't go wrong with Jaci's books. I recommend The Wild Riders Series and Play by Play series ( I am working my way thru that one--I have only read the first book The Perfect Play so far and loved it!!)

      Thanks again for visiting and following me!!!

      sorry for the rambling--I was :).

      btw - that is not my dog - I just thought it was cute!!

  2. I would get married again just to wear these awesome shoes!!!!!