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Review: Harper's Little Spitfire by Angel Steel...


Harper's Little SpitfireHarper's Little Spitfire by Angel Steel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

UGH..this story killed me!! That ending...WTH!?!? I'm a big fan of ménage stories and this was my first read from Angel Steel. This story took a direction that totally shocked me ~ I was definitely not expecting the way that it ended.

Supposedly Logan, Caleb, Zeb and Mac have been in LOVE with Sage since she was 15 years old but never acted on it until now when they couldn't hold back their feeling for her anymore. Lots and lots and lots of pantie soaking sex ensued with tattooed and pierced HOTTIES!! lol ;)
The story started out great but then the ménage fell apart and the ending left me confused and annoyed!

Mac was just an ass to Sage all the way up until the end and even then his excuse for his actions towards her wasn't good enough to satisfy me fully. Sage felt she couldn't trust him so they ended up as just friends, at least for right now. Not what I expected but I was okay with that. But there is still the mystery surrounding his strange behavior towards everyone that was left unanswered.

Caleb and Logan were fine~all accept that scene with Sarah at the club at the end. But that was explained and Sage forgave them. So in the end it was Logan, Caleb and Sage ~ the 5 person ménage down to only 3. I was fine with this as I loved Caleb and Logan but I was missing Zeb.

I was the most confused about Zeb's disappearance from the group. I totally did not get this as he was all over Sage right up until the end. It was never discussed that he didn't want to be with Sage anymore. And the ending smacked me in the face. WTH?! He has been going after Sage's sister?? I totally didn't get this part. The sister doesn't know he was with Sage and he doesn't know that she is Sage's sister?? So I was left wondering if he LOVED Sage so much, why isn't he with her and Caleb and Logan and WTH is he doing messing with the sister. I didn't like this at all because I actually really liked Zeb, Caleb, Logan and Sage together.

Then there is the other mystery with how Sage's friend keeps disappearing and won't tell anyone why she suddenly up and leaves or skips out on things.

And the most unanswered question of them all is: Who did Sage's sister see in the truck and what where they doing??

I had no idea that this was part of a series and I can't find out any information as to when the next book is coming out.

The story was good and there was a HEA or a HFN but just not the one that I anticipated. The ending left me confused and annoyed and having to change my panties. lol ;)

(I want to make clear that the story was good and definitely entertained me but I gave it the 3 star rating because I just didn't like the direction the story took and definitely didn't like the ending.)

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