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Book Spotlight: The Lifeguard And The Geek by Jamie Urban/Cameron Dane...

RELEASE DATE: September 15, 2014

If a sexy, straight lifeguard and a closeted, virginal geek can get past their fears they might have a shot to turn their unlikely friendship into a scorching-hot chance at true love. The Lifeguard and the Geek by Jamie Urban proves that sometimes friends make the best lovers!

A virgin and in the closet, graphic novelist Griffin Parks visits California for work and instead find himself face-to-face with sexy ex-pro surfer Drew Lynch. A card carrying geek, Griffin knows he has zero chance with the straight and handsome Drew.

Lifeguard Drew Lynch is between girlfriends and oddly enchanted by sweet, awkward Griffin. Secretly bi-curious, but never enough to act on his same sex interests, Drew seeks Griffin out, drawn to the guy in a way he’s never been to anyone before.

The more time Griffin spends with Drew the more he likes the man behind the outgoing lifeguard persona. And with each day Drew shares with Griffin, his sexual curiosity about men, and Griffin in particular, ignites a little more.

Both men notice each other and like what they see, but each is skittish about rocking the boat. Can this lifeguard and geek let go of their fears enough to reveal their deepest secrets and desires to each other? Do Griffin and Drew dare risk their friendship for a shot at true love?

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A reminder of the differences between the two pen names:

As a reader I always want to have a pretty good sense of the type/feel/tone of the book I’m buying. Is it super intense and hardcore erotic or is it more lighthearted and romantic? I love to read both, I love lots of genres and styles, but I also want to know at a glance, by looking at the author’s name on the cover, the feel/tone of the book so that I can pick the right one for my reading mood at any given time. This is why I created Jamie Urban.

I love creating Cameron Dane stories. I can’t see myself ever not writing them. But Cameron Dane books are full of over-the-top angst and heightened emotions, they often have dark and hard edges/themes to them, there is a high concentration of sex scenes in the pages, and they are often very long at over 300-350 pages. However, I sometimes have ideas for shorter, more lighthearted, sweet and tender stories, stories that will only have 1-3 sex scenes vs. 7-9. That’s where Jamie Urban comes into play. I will direct those ideas I have for the shorter, sweeter stories into Jamie Urban books. These books will still have the same emotion in them, the same love and adoration and care I put into creating any of my characters, they’ll still run the gamut of M/M, M/F, and Ménage, they’ll just be more lighthearted in overall tone and have less sexual content.

For me, the best way I can think to describe Jamie Urban and Cameron Dane is to view them as two different candy bars, maybe one a Snickers and one a Twix. If you like chocolate and caramel then both are yummy; one isn’t better than the other, but they are different, and if you’re in the mood for a Snickers you don’t want to open the Snickers wrapper and find a Twix bar inside. You want the Twix tomorrow and it should be in its proper wrapper so that you, the consumer, can easily identify it. That is the distinction between Jamie Urban and Cameron Dane. It’s a quick glance at the wrapper that gives you a better idea of what’s inside the package. I hope you love both. I know I have the same great time living with all of these different characters and telling their love stories, and hope to be able to write under both pen names for a very long time. -- Sincerely, Jamie Urban/Cameron Dane

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Work In Progress
My current WIP is a Cameron Dane book. I am tackling Maddie & Wyn from the Seeking Redemption series. As of right now, I don't know how long it will take to write, but it feels like it will be another of my longer books, so I imagine that it will take through at least the end of this year, and possibly a month or so into the new year to complete. Once it's finished and I have news to share, I'll post it on the 'coming soon' page of my Cameron Dane website.

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