Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Spotlight: It All Leads To This by Tessa Brookfield...

When the darkened path leads you to where you are meant to be.
Shattered by a past of terrible choices and mistakes, Hailey Deegan is forced to live a life filled with guilt for all she has done. Embracing the second chance she has been given, that she doesn’t feel she deserves, Hailey is determined to right all the wrongs and make a better life for herself.  Learning to love again, not only herself, but Adam Kipple, a man who helps her to believe in herself again, seems an impossible feat. Hailey’s hopes and dreams are finally within reach, no longer a haze in the distance, until her world comes crumbling down when her present collides with her past.Hailey is forced to relive the secrets of her past she so desperately wants to forget. Everything she has ever done has been for one reason, and one reason only. With her past jeopardizing the future she is fighting for, Hailey is forced to dig deep to find the strength to overcome what she now must face. 

By the time I pulled into the parking garage I only had five minutes to get to the nineteenth floor.
The sound of my shoes clanking on the marble floor echoed as I made my way to the bank of elevators, concentrating on every step I took so I wouldn’t lose my footing and break my neck—that would be just my luck.
My anxiety soared as I watched the numbers climb in the elevator. I caught myself saying each number under my breath. “Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen.” The elevator stopped on the nineteenth floor as did my heart for a brief second. The doors opened.
Christine did a double take when she saw me step off the elevator. I was more than relieved when there wasn’t any time for us to exchange forced pleasantries as Adam had just walked around the corner.
His eyes widened when he saw me, and I found myself more than amazed at how confident I felt at that moment. I couldn’t believe how just clothes, makeup and hair made me feel.
Looking back at Christine, and seeing the look on her face provided me with a just a little bit of satisfaction.
“Hailey.” Adam had to clear his throat to get my name out. “Come in, Mike just called, he’s running a little late but will be here shortly.” He turned to Christine, “Please show Mike in when he gets here.”
I followed him down the hall to his office, and he closed the door behind him before turning towards me. “Hailey, I hope you don’t feel I’m crossing a line again by saying this, but you look beautiful.”
His reference of crossing the line was a result of my rejection at his attempt to kiss me last night, which likely meant he wouldn’t try again.
I felt the heat rise in my cheeks, not use to being told I looked beautiful by a man without feeling cheap afterward, but hearing those words come from him seemed to warm me. “Thank you.”
It wasn’t all that long till Mike showed up, and by the end of it I didn’t think I’d ever felt that good about anything. The meeting with Mike went better than I could have ever imagined. There were times when I felt the intrusion of my nerves, and with one look into Adam’s dark, mystic eyes it provided me with the silent reassurance I needed to carry on. How is he able to have that kind of effect on me?
“Hailey, I like what I heard and what I saw. Can we meet at my office tomorrow afternoon? Say around two. I would like you to start working for me. We can go over the details then, and you can get started straightaway. Adam can get you the address.” Mike extended his hand which I confidently met with mine. Mike was older, his hair was starting to grey, but it looked good on him. His green eyes were bright, slightly hidden behind his glasses. Fine lines were starting to form at the corners.
“Thank you again, Mike. I look forward to it.”
I paced the floor of Adam’s office while he walked Mike out. My heart raced with excitement. A real job, I will finally have a real job.
The sound of the door closing, alerted me to Adam’s return. I threw myself into his arms—shocking the shit out of myself.
He seemed stunned at first, and then wrapped his arms around me. The excitement and joy I was feeling quickly turned to desire as my brain started processing the smell of his cologne, the feel of his body pressed against mine and the feel of his strong arms embracing me. I quickly pulled myself off him, “I’m sorry. I’m just a little excited.”

Hi! I'm Tessa Brookfield. I was born and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. I am married with two teenage children, at home, and a stepson who is away serving in the Canadian military.  I work a full-time job, and a good chunk of my time is devoted to getting my, very active, children to where they need to be. It's amazing how you can manage to find time for something you love to do, and for me that's writing. Ever since the day I sarted I haven't been able to stop.
Quite often, I get asked where my ideas come from.  Well, one night I dreamt about a black limo.  Something as simple and insignificant as that morphed into a 57,000 word story, becoming my debut novel, Blinders Off.  Okay, so there was a little more to it than just a black limo, but that was the spark that lit the fuse. Sometimes it's a place I've been, or something I've seen that starts the wheels turning becoming my next story in the making.  There is always a storyline, or two, rolling around inside my head just waiting to make it to my laptop. I don't have a plan or a formula that I follow, I just write. My stories evolve as I write them, and in most cases I don't know what's going to happen until I get there.
My stories are full of unexpected twists and turns that will touch your emotions, and of course they are sensual and steamy. The perfect escape from the everyday fast paced lives we all live.
 So curl up in your favourite reading spot, grab your favourite drink and indulge in a passionate escape with a story written by Tessa Brookfield!
I leave you with this...

Don't ever give up on your dreams. I am living proof that when you finally stop chasing and grab hold,  you can make great things happen.  Let your determination take over, and you will be amazed  at where it takes you. Your dreams are always within reach, as long as you believe.  

                                                                    Tessa Brookfield


  1. Uh oh!! I think you just got me hooked on another author!! Shame on you LOL!! Adored the quote!! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    1. LOL...I'm so happy to be able to hook you on a new author ~ I don't want to be the only one that has way to many books in their TBR pile and not enough time to read them and I just can't stop myself from adding more!! Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend as well. :)