Sunday, September 14, 2014

Book Spotlight: Overboard by Mia Moore...

Once upon a time, Glen met Abby and swept her off her feet. Their passion and love made them soul mates, facing tomorrow hand in hand to build a life and family together. 

That was twenty years ago. 

Now they hardly talk, and Glen hasn’t touched her in months. Their marriage is starting to spiral down, isn’t it? Oh well, couples split up every day. Even their best friends have split, and they were together as long as Glen and Abby. 

A horrible car accident serves as a wakeup call by putting Abby in a coma. Something’s got to change. Their marriage is floundering and needs a major course correction. 

Living in Black Rapids Ohio, neither of them have ever been to sea. Glen (who can barely use a cellphone) goes online and books a romantic, adults only Caribbean cruise. They’re going to reset. They’re going to fix this. They’re going to fall in love again.  

Out on the ocean, just as passion begins to rekindle, Mr. and Mrs. Middle America discover this sensual, romantic couples cruise is over the top. It’s a Swinger’s Cruise! 

A what! Glen made a mistake… we all make mistakes. It was a mistake wasn’t it? Or was it? It better have been! WTF do they do now?
In a hedonistic backdrop, they have to decide just what lines their willing to cross. If any. 

A juicy and witty book about everyday people thrown into the deep end.

In a lot of ways, I have been living the dream well before I published my first book. I'm married to a strong, intelligent and great looking man whose number one priority is to have my back. He rocks my world, and I love rocking his. We've had some pretty hot adventures together, which were the inspiration for my first books. Why do I write? I write for the same reason I love to read. Something happens and I'm swept away by the story. It didn't happen right away when I began my first story, but it happened pretty quickly. It's hard to describe... yes, I know, that's a bad thing for an author to say but it's true. I write because I can't not write. And I love it!

What can happen after Happy Ever After wears off? After the house is bought. The kids on the way. Bills start to pile up. Work gets harder. Sometimes... time slips by and we get 'caught up'. If the picket fence needs a coat of paint, if the car needs a new set of tires... oh for God's sake--if the sheets on the bed are getting a little worn at the edges... maybe some other stuff is too.
I write about everyday couples that are living normal lives. They have jobs--some have professional careers, homes, some even have kids. They have full lives. But something's missing. And it used to be there, dammit.
In my books, my characters explore questions like: "How DO you fall for, get turned on again like you were first dating, but with someone who's been farting in your bed for the last five, ten, or more years?" Re-ignite the spark? Not the 'I love you, here's some flowers' spark. Not the 'I love you, here's a bubble bath with candles' spark.
Don't get me wrong- I love flowers and bubble baths too. I'm NOT talking about 'Date Night' either. Don't get me wrong--those are really important. Just hanging out with my husband is great. What I AM talking about here is something different than that.
I'm talking about ((((THAT))) spark.
The being wanted? No. The being desired? Nope. The being craved spark. Where your partner's not just thinking about you... but where your partner is obsessed by you. The early sex was awesome, wasn't it? That craving, and your craving being returned in spades. The kind of sex that stays with you for three days after.
I'm talking about thrills and chills. The chill that goes down your spine. The thrill of an adventure of a sexual nature unlike any they ever did before. And their love grows to new heights. Those are the aspects of relationships I write about. The afterglow that lasts for three days. Or a week. So, what can happen after Happy Ever After?
Happier Ever After. And, dear reader, that's what I write about.

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