Saturday, March 2, 2013

Reviewed: Raid by Kristen Ashley...BEST OF THE BEST rating...

Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3)
Hanna Boudreaux has lived in the small town of Willow, Colorado all her life. The great-granddaughter of the town matriarch, she's sweet, cute and quiet.

Too quiet.

Hanna has a moment of epiphany when she realizes her crush for forever, Raiden Ulysses Miller, is not ever going to be hers. She sees her life as narrow and decides to do something about it.

Raiden Miller is the town of Willow's local hero. An ex-marine with the medal to prove his hero status, he comes home, shrouded in mystery. It takes a while but, eventually, Hanna catches his eye.

But after all these years of Raid and Hanna living in the same town, the question is, why? Is Raid interested in Hanna because she's sweet and cute? Or does Raid have something else going on?
SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! I have a lot of favorite authors and books but there is not another author out there who can even come close to the AMAZING story telling of Kristen Ashley!!!! She is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME and her characters and stories continue to get better and better and they are all pretty fantastic already!!! Raid is another AWESOME read and I totally fell in love with him and Hanna. It was everything that I expected from a Kristen Ashley book. This will definitely be in my keeper pile along with every other book she has written and especially of this series~which is one of my favorites from her. I cannot say enough about how I truly loved this book and there is not a rating high enough to give it. Thank you Kristen for continuing to write books that draw me in and keep giving me plenty of dream material!! :) I am one happy girl after reading this story!! :) BEST OF THE BEST!!! 

Oh...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his name!! lol :) *sigh* Raid *sigh*


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