Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reviewed: Coming Home by Paloma Beck...3 out of 5 rating...

Coming Home
Rachel Porter, a romance writer, has told her three sons tales of finding their true soul mate since they were just boys. She lives with the belief that there is but one match for every person. Now as men, they have yet to discover their soul mates. That is, until they come home…

Ryan Porter, Rachel’s oldest son, needs a change from his busy city lifestyle. After five years of living in New York and establishing his own real estate firm, something is still missing. When a family tragedy brings Ryan back to his family’s rural home, he meets Tyra. She just might be the catalyst for the change he needs, redirecting the course of his life. But first he must accept his relationship with his parents and embrace Tyra’s secrets.
This is a great cover!! This is the first book that I have read by Paloma Beck and it certainly won't be the last. Coming Home was another book that caught my attention due to the theme of the series~A romance writing mother tells her 3 sons tales of each finding their true soul mate since they were boys and that there is but one match for every person. Coming Home is the story of the oldest son~Ryan.

I thought that this was a great start to a promising new series. I can't wait for Henry and especially Davis to get their stories told!! I loved how Tyra and Ryan met. She was such a fun character and I loved how she went after what she wanted in Ryan. This was definitely a sexy read. Tyra and Ryan burned up the pages or in this case my Kindle!! lol :)  Layne was so cute and I loved Ryan's easy and loving acceptance of her. Henry was also so adorable with her and I loved the friendship he shared with Tyra. 

A fun, easy, sweet, sexy read that definitely pulled on the heartstrings!! Such lovable and interesting characters that had me rooting for their HEA and for their mom's tales to be true. Along with the romance and HOT sex there was also laughter and tears. I thought it was so cute that Tyra practically fell in love with Ryan before she ever met him from just hearing stories about him and seeing his picture. Henry and Ryan always getting into fights cracked me up. I liked Ryan's character but thought that he definitely acted like an ass~hat on more than one occasion to not only Tyra but also to Henry.  Davis was a character that definitely got my attention. I have a feeling that he is going to have one hell of a story and I cannot wait to learn more about the woman who is able to steal his heart. 

So overall an entertaining and enjoyable read that definitely has me interested in more. Henry's book is next and from the blurb it sounds like it is going to be a good one. I will definitely be looking for more from Paloma.       3 out of 5 rating.

***ARC provided by Paloma Beck~Thank you so much!!


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