Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Tour and Giveaway: Gabriel's Light by Dakota Trace...

Gabriel's Light 
(Book #7 in the Doms of Chicago Series)
Dakota Trace

*paces back and forth, with cell phone to ear* “Are you sure, she’s coming? I have a blog full of readers waiting for her to make an appearance.” *nods* “Okay, thanks Josh. I’ll tell them.” *Folds the phone up, and shoves it in his pocket* “Hey folks, I’m sorry about this. It seems Dakota’s muse, Livvy, partied a bit much with Dominic last night and is still at his place recovering, so you’re going to be stuck with me until she freshens up. But I can do some of her duties until then.” *paces over to the lovely basket*

“Okay, lets see.” *taps chin thoughtfully* “I should probably introduce myself, I’m Micah. You may recognize me as one of the submissives in Mistress Dakota’s series. I appear in several of her books…”

Aw come on, Micah. How many times do I have to tell you that Dakota isn’t anyone’s Mistress, she’s my slave? *Muse saunters into the room, looking more refreshed than she should*
“She’s our creator, why wouldn’t I call her Mistress?” *confused look*

Pbffft! I’m the creator. Dakota is the lowly author. She types, proofs, does edits and promo for my ideas…

*sighs at Muse* “You know I hope she has some dastardly plan for you at her stop and you end up strapped in a set of stocks at our mercies.”

*laughs* Aw, threaten me with a good time. It won’t happen though. I’m gold as far as my author is concerned. She needs me to finish her stories. But aren’t we supposed to be pimping out Gabriel and Zhenya right now?

*groans* “That sounds so wrong.” *rubs hands over face* “And do you care to tell me what you were thinking of when you dreamt up that scene in the Atruim during Gabriel’s Light?”

*brightens* Getting Gabriel over Sara’s death maybe?

*glares at muse* “And getting Jude’s ass in trouble with Mistress? You’re lucky I don’t tie your ass up and deliver you to Mistress after that stunt.”

*smooches the air* You won’t because you love me. I gave you what your heart desired. A sexy Domme to share with Jude. But enough of that. How about the readers go HERE to check out Gabriel’s sexy story? It’s the same one that features this totally awesome grand prize. *fingers the pinwheel inside the basket* I soooo adore this little toy. Did you know Imps really like it when you run it over….
“Livvy!” *interrupts muse* “The basket is great but I don’t want to know what kinky things you did to some poor unsuspecting imp with it. Poor fool probably didn’t know what was going to happen when he met you anyway.”

*giggles* Of course not. He’d have probably would’ve fell to his knees begging me to pleasure him, if he’d known what was in store…but shall we get onto the giveaway? I want to get back to him. I left him sleeping in Josh’s and Dom’s play room.

*stares* “You did what?” *covers eyes with hand* “Dear lord, do they know he’s down there?”

*shrugs shoulders* Don’t know. But he promised me a repeat performance if I hurried back. 
*taps foot* So here’s the scoop on today’s stop. I’m giving a way not only your book but Jude’s in a two-fer pack that my slave put together. It’s called Tales of Submission and features both Conquering Jude and Saving Micah. At the moment it’s only for sale on Amazon, but my slave does have it Nook copy and PDF as well. *smiles* So to enter, just place your name and email addy below in the comment section and perhaps you’ll bet the lucky winner of this steamy ebook bundle. *purses lips* What else?
“The grand prize?” *Micah prompts, inching closer*

Yep! That’s even better. Each lovely entry gets a second chance to win by being entered into the grand prize giveaway. Dakota is raffling off a replica similar to the play tote which got Ms. Zhenya into so much trouble in Gabriel’s Light and will be announcing the winner on March 23rd.
*gazes at it longingly* “You suppose us characters can enter too? I really want to see how that pinwheel feels.”

“Not too worry, Micah, I have one at home I can use on you…perhaps after I give you a good flogging?” *Mistress Olivia saunters in* “I was beginning to wonder what was keeping you.” *glares at muse* “So I stopped by to make sure the Muse hadn’t done naughty things to you. You’re mine.” *brushes hand over his shoulder*

*Micah groans* “Yes, Mistress.” *looks to Livvy* “We done here?”

*taps chin thoughtfully* Well I could be evil and say no, but I have a sexy imp to get back to, so other than this *yanks out huge chocolate bar* Which is for the lovely Mariann at Belle's Book Bag. *sets it down on table with a flourish*

“Good. Come along Micah. Jude is preparing the play room as we speak.” *Olivia turns to leave*

“Yes, Mistress.” *Micah follows after Olivia*

Whew….got out of that without coming to blows. *smiles* Olivia and I don’t get along the greatest. *trill of cell phone* Well that’s my imp and I have to go to but remember to enter, and don’t forget, I’ll be pestering Lucian over at the Wicked Muse Tavern tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what mischief we can get into… *poofs*

Gabriel's Light Book Blurb and Excerpt


  1. Thanks for having me today, Mariann. It was a blast and thanks for putting up with my crazy muse. Dakota

  2. I can't wait to read this series.

  3. Love this series and enjoying the glimpses at all the characters interacting with Livvy.

  4. This series is definitely on my must buy list :) Thanks so much for another great post. I generally read male Dom stories but do occasionally enjoy fem Domme stories.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. that was fun


  6. Love the post...loving meeting Livvy and all the other colorful people.

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