Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reviewed: Embattled Hearts by JM Madden...5 out of 5 rating...

Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found, #1)
John Palmer hasn’t felt like a real man since he was injured during combat in Iraq. Though not content with his new life, he is mostly adapting, just like the other vets at the Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Service. When Shannon Murphy is hired on as the new office manager, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Before long, John finds himself wondering if he could ever be the kind of man Shannon needs.

Shannon Murphy wasn’t really looking for love when she hired on at LNF, but finds herself hopelessly attracted to the sex-on-wheels former Marine, John Palmer. The man is grumpy and nearly impossible to work with, but his brand of masculinity appeals to her on a basic level. Soon Shannon is wondering just what it would take for John to want her the way she wants him.

When an old enemy tries to settle a vendetta against Shannon, John insists on protecting her. He moves into her house, fanning the spark of attraction into a blaze. But the danger continues to escalate. Even with all the resources at their disposal, they’re thrust into a fight for their lives.
Oh...John...I loved his character so much and I loved Shannon equally as much. They were perfect for each other. Such a great couple and so much fun to read. This book starts out about 5 years after the end of Embattled Road and I was so glad that Duncan, Chad and John were making a go of their private detective agency and employing other wounded soldiers. Each of these 3 heroes quickly won me over in Embattled Road and I was so looking forward to reading more about them. 

I loved that John found his soul mate in Shannon and that she didn't put up with his crap but called him on it. I especially loved that she didn't pity him and didn't really see him as being disabled. I absolutely loved when she would curl up in his lap while he was sitting in his wheel chair. They also had some pretty SMOKING HOT sex. ;)

Such a great story with lovable sigh inducing heroes that pulled me in from the start. Oh..I loved Zeke and Ember and hope to read more about them in the series. *crossesfingers* I was totally entertained watching John and Shannon struggle on their way to a HEA. Reading John fall in love with Shannon was so entertaining. Embattled Hearts definitely tugged on my heart. I loved getting to read a little more about Chad and Duncan and cannot wait for their books and hopefully read more about John and Shannon. 

I loved the concept of this series and how their agency employed other wounded vets. So good!! I am definitely hooked on this series. I was absorbed in to the story and couldn't wait to see what happened next. It was full of love, laughter, tears, some nail~biting moments and of course sexy heroes~everything that I love in a book. I didn't want it to end. 

I love how John protected Shannon~Oh...the scene where he gets glass in his hands and in the wheels of his chair while trying to save her and she takes care of him~just about does me in. Just loved these two characters together. Oh and the scene with the bracelet and her misunderstanding of what it meant. So good!! I loved how Shannon was able to handle him and see beyond his gruffness. He was so tough and hard on the outside but so tender on the inside with Shannon. I just wanted to crawl all over him!! lol ;) His childhood broke my heart. J.M. really got to me with John's story. He definitely didn't have an easy time of it. But I think that Shannon was definitely his reward. They were just what the other needed. 

Just a great story and I can't wait for more. I would definitely recommend and this is a definite reread for me.  Embattled Road and Embattled Hearts made me such a HUGE fan of J.M.    5 out of 5 rating. 


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  1. Thank you Mariann! I'm so glad you loved John and Shannon! And my other men. Yes, you'll be seeing more of Zeke. ;-)