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Thistle and FlameThistle and FlameThistle and Flame

Coming to grips with a new life
One of the things that fascinated me while I was writing Thistle and Flame was the transformation that Kenna, the heroine, undergoes as a part of the story. She starts out as a young girl from a highland village, and through a series of circumstances, ends up engaged to an established nobleman.
I never really thought about it, but that exact conundrum – a person having to come to terms with a brand new sort of life, whether it be in a new place or a new social circumstance, is what I so enjoy about period dramas like Downton Abbey. In that, of course, it’s one of the house help who marries into the family and has to come to terms with all that such a transformation entails. In the show, for example, the character is upset at the thought of having a dinner suit when there are so many starving people that such an extravagance could help, but he eventually feels his way out.
This kind of conflict seems to be a perfect fit for a coming of age book. I certainly remember, anyway, leaving high school and then later leaving college, and feeling like I’d been thrust straight into a world that made absolutely no sense and had to somehow make my way through it all. And then – of course – something always has to throw a wrench into the works.
So it was with my life, and so it is in Thistle and Flame. Kenna is pitched headlong into a world she has no concept of how to exist in, and just as she thinks she’s getting her feet underneath her, an old flame reappears and steals her heart all over again. It’s something that happened to me, and I’m guessing to a lot of you!

Thistle and Flame
If hearts are meant to be together, nothing will keep them apart...
 When Gavin Macgregor first laid eyes Kenna Moore at festival in their Highland home, the boy fell in love with her flaming red hair, and her easy smile.
 Years later, Gavin works up the courage to give Kenna a thistle, and with one innocent gesture, steals her heart.
 And then, in the blink of an eye, Gavin is gone, swept away with the rest of the Highlanders to fight in Bonnie Prince Charlie’s war, from which he never returns.
 With Gavin’s thistle around her neck, Kenna finds the strength to journey south to Edinburgh, where she’s promised in marriage to Laird Ramsay Macdonald. Struggling to grow accustomed to her new life, little does Kenna know that the man who stole her heart all those years ago is waiting to do it again.

Anya Karin

Insatiable Reads Book Tour

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