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               New Adult romance Summer GirlNew Adult romance Summer GirlNew Adult romance Summer Girl

Why I Love NA Heroes

First of all, I think that any romance writer would admit that there’s a little bit of wish fulfillment in the heroes we create.  We write about heroes that we’d be attracted to in real life, and even more importantly, heroes that we’d want to be with in the long run. 

The hero can’t be just a pretty face, or even a pretty face who’s also incredibly hot in bed – although that certainly doesn’t hurt!  But he’s got to be a decent person, who’s loyal to the heroine and who loves her passionately and who we wouldn’t mind ending up with our best friend or our sister – because that’s how good of a guy he is.

So, if I’m writing a hero that I’d want to end up with - why would I like New Adult heroes? I mean, they’re all dark and gritty and damaged. And the road to love with a New Adult hero is never easy – there’s struggle and pain and frequently the need to overcome past damage which feels like it will never heal.

Well, that’s exactly why I like them. New Adult heroes are more like the heroes that you’d meet in real life. They’re not all polished and perfect. They’re dealing with real issues, not the kinds of issues that you frequently see in more traditional romance.  They’re dealing with drug addiction or bipolar disorder or the loss of family members or the death of a loved one, or the effects of growing up in dysfunctional families.

They’re more the kind of guys I’ve met and dated in real life. For me, traditional romance heroes are a little too perfect, a little too unapproachable. 

When I write my New Adult heroes, there’s the satisfaction of having them work through their past trauma and find acceptance and love, and the journey is infinitely more rewarding because they’ve had such a long, tough road to overcome. 

I hope you’ll join me on my writing journey and check out “Summer Girl”.  And you can check out for news of when my next book is coming out.

New Adult romance Summer Girl
The girls of summer never stay, and that’s just how Slade Monroe likes it. Every summer the tiny beachside town of Coral Cove is flooded with wealthy tourists, with their money and their arrogance and their promise of casual flings. And to Slade, bartender, pool hustler, heartbreaker, they’re the perfect way to drown his pain and quiet the demons roaring in his head.

But Heather Tremaine is different. Quietly beautiful, deeply hurt, she’s a mystery that Slade finds himself desperately needing to solve.  When he realizes that she’s on a quest for the truth about her past, a quest that will take her into dangerous territory, he’s determined to protect her at all costs. But Heather not the only one with secrets…and the last time Slade tried to protect someone he loved, it cost him everything.  Will he fight for his love, or will his Summer Girl fade like the seasons?

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