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Why I chose to make Sacrifice a New Adult Romance.

New Adult is hugely popular at the minute. You can’t turn around without seeing a new one appear and I for one am thrilled. I know not everyone is, and of course like anything it depends on what you’re interested in. It can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

For me, there is a reason I made Sacrifice New Adult. I could have aged the characters up but it wouldn’t have been true to who they are. Natasha, really is a young woman on the verge of leaving college. And Sam is a young man who has ended up running in the wrong group. The only way to properly delve into who they are and their motivations was to make them young.

I remember leaving university. I remember graduating. And if I’m honest I hated it. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to graduate, I did. I was happy enough to receive my honours degree and my little piece of paper. But I didn’t want the ceremony. I wanted to have my degree posted out to me. For me, graduating was a very bittersweet moment. You see, I’d gotten lucky enough to have my dad see me go to university, but I wasn’t lucky enough for him to be able to see me graduate. He’d died of cancer my first year of university. As far as I was concerned it wasn’t fair that he wasn’t there to see it happen. And if he couldn’t be there then I didn’t want any part in it.

I remember the hurt, and the tears. I remember begging my mom to let me not have to go through it. I knew how much pain that day was going to bring me. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy any of it, and I’d spend it praying for it to be over.

I was so very selfish. But I look back on it now as something to learn from. It was something I needed to do. Everything at that time of my life is so vivid in my memory. And I can only put that down to the way I experienced emotions then. At that age, everything is felt so fiercely, pain, love, lust, guilt, loss. And in Sacrifice I needed Sam and Natasha to feel the same way.

The lust they feel for each other and the dawning realisation of their love, everything for them is so vivid. Their emotions were so strong for me as the writer, I could practically touch them. And for me, I knew the only time in my life when I felt that vividly was when I was in my late teens/early twenties. It’s that perfect time when your life is finally starting to come together, but you still don’t know how to handle the emotions you’re feeling.

I needed Sam and Natasha to experience that. I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for everything they were going through. As characters they were real to me, and as far as I was concerned New Adult was the perfect way to make them real for you, the reader too.

The moment Sam looked at me, I knew he saw me. The real me, not the one I pretended to be. He saw beyond my pretense to the girl beneath. The girl who cried herself to sleep at night. The girl who pushed people away, when all she really wanted was for someone to look her in the eye and tell her everything would be alright. That life wasn’t always pain. That living wasn’t always this difficult. That the ones you loved didn’t always leave you behind. In that moment, Sam saw me, and I saw him. And I knew without a doubt that I would love him and he would betray me.

Natasha Masterton, a young college student on the verge of graduation, has the world at her feet. But all is not at it seems. Her mother is dead and she hasn’t seen her father in over three years. The only dealing she has with him is when he deposits her allowance into a bank account every month. Her father’s lack of interest has hardened Natasha to the rest of the world, leaving her cold and more than a little broken.

When Sam Harker crashes into Natasha’s life, asking questions about her father and dragging up the past, Natasha’s interest in piqued. The more time she spends with him, the more she falls for his easy charm and quick smile.

But Sam has secrets of his own - secrets that threaten their blossoming relationship. And when the real reason for Natasha’s fathers disinterest becomes apparent, a sacrifice must be made. Love, honor and duty collide… risking more than just a broken heart.

Sometimes love is worth the ultimate price.

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