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Book Boyfriends Are Forever

By Tabi Wollstonecraft

We’ve all been hurt at some time in our lives. Especially when we walk the rocky path of  relationships. We find different ways to deal with the inevitable disappointments and mistakes we are bound to make. For me, one of the ways I deal with broken relationships and the feeling that the world is about to end is to lose myself in the arms of a book boyfriend.

Holder, Rush, Lucas, Travis, Kellan and Will have all been there for me when real boyfriends have turned out to be not quite the charming young men they at first appeared. Real life may disappoint sometimes but well-written fictional characters are able to lift us out of our depression and let us live a different life where true love can be quick and real and the men we find it with are perfect.

When I decided to write my own novel, Thrown, I needed to create one of these perfect men, a man my readers could fall in love with and add to the list of book boyfriends already out there.

I needed someone who had been through a tragedy in his life so he had something in common with Amy, my heroine, and could relate to her on an emotional level.  He also had to be scarred in some way. Although Stoker, my hero, acquires his scars in a very different manner to how Amy gets hers, it’s a bond they share that makes their attraction to each other stronger.

At a time when Amy feels alone in the world and is thrown into a new life where she must face past tragedies, Stoker is there to ground her and help her heal. He has the qualities she needs to relate to so that she can come through her depression and find true love.

Thrown takes place in Promise Cove, Cornwall, England after Amy is forced to move there from an unhappy family situation in Boston, Massachusetts. She inherits a house and a bookshop from her aunt who recently fell from the cliffs near the house. Amy discovers a mystery surrounding her aunt’s death and seeks answers to the tragedy.

And while all this happens, she starts a relationship with Stoker, a relationship that will let her finally find love.

I hope readers of Thrown fall in love with Stoker for a long time to come.

Because after all, book boyfriends are forever.

Thrown is available from July 5th.

Amy Anderson is trying to outrun the chaos that is her life.

After inheriting an old house in England, she escapes the complications back home, her dysfunctional family and an uncertain future. 

But then Amy meets Stoker - the bad boy of Promise Cove. He has issues of his own but they are hidden beneath his attitude, muscles and leather jacket.

Amy’s life is about to be thrown into a whirlwind of emotion, danger and a love that will change everything.


Tabi Wollstonecraft
I'm Tabi and I have a love for all things romantic! Some of the new authors are blowing me away...writers like Colleen Hoover, Nyrae Dawn, Kristen Proby and all the rest of the bunch writing hot NA with great heroes!  I really hope some people will read Thrown. I'm going to be totally breathless on the day it gets released! Anyway, if you do read it, be sure to leave me a review! I'm willing to learn and I probably need you guys to help me do that with some feedback about Thrown. :)

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