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Author #5: Insatiable Reads Book Tour: The Dutch Smuggler's Captive by Angelina Spears...

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 University behind her, Jessica Densley is on one last vacation before joining the workforce as a geologist. She's perfectly happy just lounging by the pool but her wild friend Daphne will have none of it. While out exploring, she disappears!
At her wits end, Jessica has no choice but to team up with the mysterious Ryker Prins, a man everybody on Curacao respects... and fears.

  With dangerous men after them, Jessica will need to learn to trust Ryker in spite of his deep secrets. But mostly, she will need to find a way to not fall prey to his irresistible charm.
  “Why am I tied up, Ryker?”
  “I would like to say it is because you are a security risk but we both know you are terrible at escaping. However, I do have a reputation to uphold.”
  “A reputation? You think keeping girls chained up is gonna make you popular?”
  He snorted back a laugh. “It is the misfortune of my line of work to be thought incompetent if you are not violent. Eventually, word gets out to the right people that this is how transgressors are dealt with. It keeps future offenders to a minimum.”
  “That’s what I am, a transgressor?”
  “You were not until you threw coffee in my face.”
  That statement froze her. What if he’d been horribly disfigured? What if he was here for payback? Right then, she had a feeling he was hearing her thoughts and he chuckled.
  “You will be happy to know that the coffee was not scorching. The only thing you ruined forever is my shirt. I loved that shirt.”
  “I-I’m sorry. I just wanted to get out of here.”
  “Are you really afraid of me, Jessica? Do you truly think I would hurt you?”
  “No,” she quickly said before realizing it was the truth. “But Daphne is missing and she needs me. I have to find her.”
  She felt the mattress shift under her and his scent became more powerful. She felt his breath on her face.
  “What if I offered my help?”
  “Help with what?”
  “Finding your friend. What if I told you I could help you get her back?”
  His face was even closer to her now. She felt intense heat between them and it made her breathe erratically.
  “What do… Then just untie me so we can get her.”
  “Before, in the garden, you said you would do anything to get her back. Did you mean it?”
  Oh my God, was he suggesting what she thought he was suggesting?! Her first instinct was to be completely disgusted. Here was a man who had been holding her prisoner for a full day, a man who’d had her tied up against her will. And he wanted sex from her?
  On the other hand, in spite of herself, she kept thinking about the other night with him. It had been by far one of the highlights of her life. Just having him standing over her was giving her goose bumps. She absolutely hated herself for how she felt but her body was reacting on its own.
  “Tell me, Jessica. Are you prepared to do anything to get Daphne back?”
  “Yes,” she sighed.
  She felt him come even closer. His stubbles brushed her trembling lips as she held her breath. Objectively, she should bite him, anything to inflict as much pain as possible. She didn’t want to. In fact, she yearned to have his lips on hers, to taste him.
  “Are you certain?”
  “Everything is jumbled in my head right now, Ryker. But I’ve never been more certain of anything.”
Angelina Spears
Angelina Spears
Angelina Spears thrives on crafting stories that will take readers on a wild ride, emotional and physical. Having discovered her love of writing at a young age, she is never as happy as when she makes characters fall into imminent danger while dealing with romantic turmoils.

There are days when her writing is fast and hard against the washing machine but mostly she prefers candlelight and soft music by the fireplace. Champagne and strawberries, anyone? She divides her time between the cold north and sunny southern shores.
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