Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reviewed: Sheltered by Charlotte Stein...Best of the Best rating...

Evie has lived her entire life under her abusive father’s thumb. He controls everything. Where she goes to college, who she sees, what she does. But when she meets Van—a punk who shows her how different life could be—she realizes how much she’s been missing. 
Van offers her excitement, protection, love…and most of all, sex—even if he’s at first reluctant to give her all the things she’s been craving. She wants to explore this new world of arousal and desire, but Van is only too aware of how fragile she is, how innocent... 
And how much is at stake, when their love is forbidden.
The guy on this cover is HOT but his hair is so strange!! So not Van!! 

WOW...Sheltered just blew me away!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING about this book!! I didn't want the story to end because I wasn't ready to leave Van and Evie. I just fell in love with them, they were such a great couple and I wanted them to get their HEA so bad. They are definitely up there as one of my favorite couples. I was definitely invested in Evie and Van as a couple from the start. 

Evie's character had so many layers~I loved how dirty minded she really was and when she would talk dirty to Van and tell him what she wanted~I love how she was able to shock him. She was so funny, sweet, feisty and smart and I hated how her parents, especially her dad, treated her. I loved how Van gave her the strength to save herself towards the end and how he gave her the safety to just be herself with him. I loved how totally imperfect they were and how perfect it made them for each other. Their misunderstandings lead to some funny and heartfelt tender moments. Van *sigh* Oh...I just loved him. He was so good for Evie and she in return was so good for him. 

OMG...the sex *shivers* Total pantie~soaking scenes. I think some of the scenes fried my lap top!! lol  I loved how Evie was so interested in experiencing sex and how Van was the one who held back in concern for her. 

I didn't think I could love Van anymore than I already did and then he stood up to her dad and I was a goner!! And I loved when Evie went to Van for help after the confrontation with her father and Van was able to convince her that they could make their relationship work. Charlotte Stein was a little bit evil in that scene when Evie was on the fire escape. There were definitely some nail~biting moments for me, especially when Evie's parents came home early and then when her dad found Van's wallet and of course the confrontation at the end. I was so nervous that something awful was going to happen and I was practically holding my breath the entire time!! I absolutely loved the ending!! So good!! Oh..I just loved when Van caught Evie and came over to the fence~so funny!! 

I always love a book that can make me laugh and cry and romance me and make me fall in love with the story and characters and of course has HOT SMOKING sex scenes. Sheltered had all of this and more. There was definitely some kinky hot sex scenes~whew!! ;) I also always love a book that enables the hero and heroine to gain strength form each other and overcome the obstacles they each face. 

Charlotte has such a way of telling a story that I was instantly drawn in and never wanted to leave. I will definitely be looking for more from her. Sheltered has quickly become one of my favorite books that will be reread a lot. Definitely need the paperback copy. 

Just an AWESOME book!!  BEST of the BEST rating!!

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