Thursday, April 12, 2012

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow...

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that begins on Fridays and runs through the weekend, hosted by Crystal from Reading Between the Wines. This is a Friday blog hop with the objective to find and visit other book blogs that share the same interest as you, namely book geared towards the 18 & over crowd, and make some new friends!

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Question of the Week: 

Have you ever snuck a peek at the end of a book before reading it?

LOL...I have quite often actually!! Because I love HEA, I sometimes read the epilogue or the last chapter before I even start the book!!! This way I'm prepared for whatever happens, especially if it is a book in a series!! ;)

Now it's your turn!!


  1. I am still guilty of doing this if the book starts to slow a bit. And I have been known to read the epilogue before even purchasing said book, lol!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think sometimes in books you can't help yourself but read the ending first!! :)

  2. I totally understand. I do the same thing. I have been known to not read some books b/c I hated the ending. I have also read some books through and the ending sucked so bad that my review had many choice words due to wasting my time reading it. lol Really reading the end saves me tons of time.
    Sneaky-Peek Answer

    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

    1. LOL...that is so funny because I am the same way and I thought I was the only one who did this!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)