Saturday, July 11, 2015

Do I Have ABS Yet...

Lol...This is exactly how I feel!! I'm down 17 lbs. since I started on June 9th. I really do feel great and it amazes me that I don't miss my 3 favorite "food groups"...Pepsi, Pizza, and Cake. :) But it's definitely a SLOW process. 


  1. that is just awesome!! Good work at eating clean and being healthy. Last year I totally changed my diet around and stopped eating all the fatty foods, and it was much easier than I thought it would be. The key is finding fun ways of eating that is delicious and healthy.

    1. Thanks so much and the same to you for changing your diet around also. I totally agree about finding foods that are both healthy and delicious being the key to stick with it. It amazes me that once you cut out sugar that you don't crave it anymore. Don't get me wrong...I could definitely have a snickers but the difference is that I don't crave that snickers like I used to and same goes for the soda. They just don't have that same appeal to me anymore. I always thought that was a lie but it's absolutely true. Thanks again.